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Acts 435 is a revolutionary website that allows people to give money directly to others. Managed through a network of churches and local charities, our goal is to get 100% of your donations quickly to those in need.

Acts 435 is a fantastic initiative which puts people who are in need in touch with those that can help. It is a very simple idea but a very exciting one! I am proud that the Church is taking practical steps to help those facing practical difficulties.

Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

Donors have the assurance that every penny of what they give will go directly to the individual they have chosen to help

Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton (Read more)

Acts 435 looks just wonderful and I am thrilled that some of the Vineyard churches have so bought in. We are a pretty missional lot and people are grateful to be helped to give in radical and effective ways like this. I wish to commend Acts 435 for providing such an imaginative service to the givers as well as the receivers!

Eleanor Mumford, Co-founder of the Vineyard Churches in UK and Ireland

* Launched nationally in July 2010, and growing organically through the churches, progress to end January 2017 (see monthly stats).

£100 still needed for carpets

Emma is a single mother on ESA with 2 children under 13. Her 2 year old daughter has 4 holes in the heart & continues to have surgery for this. They have to move house from a 2 to a 3 bedroom as daughter needs her own room due to her illness. This has been granted & she moves in the next 2 weeks. The house has no carpets & she feels that she needs to at least have a carpet in the living area & her daughter's bedroom. She will struggle to pay moving costs. Any donations to help this family will be gratefully received. Thank you.

Malton (Yorkshire & Humber)
Ill Health

£80 still needed for food and phone credit until benefits come

C has had to flee her father who was physically and sexually abusive. He tried to strangle her and made threats to kill her. She is having suicidal thoughts and has problems eating. She is being helped to apply for benefits but this will take time. She has no money for food or credit for her phone. She is unable to make phone calls to agencies which can help her. She has no money for travel so she walks everywhere, and she has very little energy so can at times miss appointments.

London (Greater London)
Fresh Start

£60 still needed for cost of carer for a short break

R is working well with Christians Against Poverty to sort out his finances. He has been offered the opportunity to go on a 3 day CAP Discovery break for which there is no charge. However R is disabled and can only go if a full time carer goes with him and he has been told he must pay her wages himself. Help towards this will enable him to accept this opportunity to take a well deserved break.

Wye Valley (West Midlands)
People with Disability

£100 still needed for medication - Ill health

N works full time on low wages, and his wife B recently had her part time hours reduced at work, debts are spiraling out of control, they are now unable to meet extra costs medication/dental work , N had a heart attack 5 years ago, he now requires medication for reminder of life costing 120 a year, in recent months N has had to make the choice between eating or purchasing medication, causing high stress levels, Any help would be appreciated.

Halifax (Yorkshire & Humber)
Ill Health

£100 still needed for food supplies

Babs is struggling to support her own 3 children, her mother in the south and another relative in the north of England. She therefore has to keep her car going, but this means that, although her children are being properly fed, Babs can't afford to feed herself. Babs has mental ill health, but now her physical health is also suffering. 100 to stock her food cupboard would help to keep her properly fed as well as being a real boost to her health and her morale.

York (Yorkshire & Humber)
Food and Heating

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£75 needed for microwave oven

From York - 53 years old

Meg has a range of mental health problems, and her benefit application assessment keeps being delayed as she has to have a special assessment. Meg's financial problems are therefore getting worse, and now her microwave has broken. She can't use her cooker for mental health reasons, so she can't have hot meals at present. A donation for a new microwave would greatly help Meg's diet and her state of mind.

Received £75 through Acts 435.

£90 needed for Fuel and Household Pack

From Gillingham - 52 years old

This couple who have been unemployed are due to start back at work next week, but due to the rural nature of the area have to rely on their car to get them there and back. While they are waiting for their first payment, they are also struggling to buy household essentials. Please could you help this couple to become independent by helping them access employment, by purchasing fuel for their vehicle for this week. Thank you for your generosity.

Received £90 through Acts 435.

£80 needed for Electricity & Household Essentials

From Gillingham - 31 years old

Please can you help, this young lady has recently split with her partner and is waiting for benefits to be re-calculated. 80 will enable her to cook, have a shower and clean her property this week, until her money comes through next week.

Received £80 through Acts 435.

£40 needed for Mobile phone

From Lincoln - 51 years old

Terry has been street homeless 18 months and today has been awarded a flat and a fresh start in Lincoln. He has been dry from alcohol for 6 weeks. A mobile phone will help him in his fresh start.

Received £40 through Acts 435.

£40 needed for Gas & Electricity

From Gillingham - 21 years old

This young mother, with a 5 year old child, has just moved back to the area, and with the expense of moving needed money for fuel to tide her over. Please could you help?

Received £40 through Acts 435.

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Thank you so much for your kind donation. This has meant a great deal to John who has been able to carpet his flat having moved out of supported accommodation. John is continuing to live independently and asked for his gratitude to be passed on! It is very difficult to find funding for carpeting and Acts 435 has allowed clients like John to be able to make their accommodation into a home.


Acts 435 donors have given money towards this man's daily travel costs from Redruth to Truro Treliske hospital for radiotherapy.
His condition was misdiagnosed for years and his health declined, he could no longer work, lost his home and slept for months on end in his car.
Finally he was diagnosed with lung cancer and is now receiving the treatment he desperately needs.
Thank you.

Life-line for Widow

This widowed lady with a 10 year old son had to leave her partially furnished flat as landlord needed it for family. She works in the holiday trade cleaning but the work in Cornwall is seasonal. At the moment she gets 12 to 16 hours work a week. She successfully bid for a housing association flat but it had nothing in it. She was given 2 mattresses and had 2 easy chairs and a table from her other flat. She was referred to us and I went to see her and decided to put requests online for her. They were fulfilled so quickly. Thank you. We helped her get good second hand equipment in advance of the payment and were able to pay for it and deliver it yesterday. There is some left over to get some lino to cover the bare floor boards in some rooms. She was in tears yesterday. She cannot believe strangers would help her. She wishes she could thank you all personally. We left her uplifted!

Homeless and penniless

Thank you very very much for enabling Transformation CPR to provide the support this vulnerable couple so desperately needed. To be suddenly homeless and penniless is a terrible thing but to not be able to speak the language makes it a scary place to be.
The couple are safely accommodated and incredibly grateful for your help.

Family's Last Christmas

Family's Last Christmas

A 35 year old father of 5 is facing his last Christmas with his young family after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is self employed and the sole bread winner. The generous donation of 100 for this request was received within hours of being posted.
Five very nice toys were bought for the children and a family game for all to share. All gift wrapped by the Advocate.
Being in a very dark place at the moment the man and his wife were overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers at Christmas. It will help them to make a celebration for the children on this bitter sweet occasion. Heartfelt thanks to the donor.

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