Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Acts 435 is a revolutionary website that allows people to give money directly to others. Managed through a network of churches and local charities, our goal is to get 100% of your donations quickly to those in need.

Acts 435 is a fantastic initiative which puts people who are in need in touch with those that can help. It is a very simple idea but a very exciting one! I am proud that the Church is taking practical steps to help those facing practical difficulties.

Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

Donors have the assurance that every penny of what they give will go directly to the individual they have chosen to help

Nicky Gumbel, Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton (Read more)

Acts 435 looks just wonderful and I am thrilled that some of the Vineyard churches have so bought in. We are a pretty missional lot and people are grateful to be helped to give in radical and effective ways like this. I wish to commend Acts 435 for providing such an imaginative service to the givers as well as the receivers!

Eleanor Mumford, Co-founder of the Vineyard Churches in UK and Ireland

* Launched nationally in July 2010, and growing organically through the churches, progress to end July 2016 (see monthly stats).

£80 still needed for respite care for dad and his children

This gentleman has just come out of hospital due to an illness; even though he is home he is still quite weak and needs to rest. He has three children on a weekend but is unable to have them at the moment due to being ill. We would love to enable this gentleman and his kids to go for a couple of days respite care which they all need but can't afford it at this time.

Evenwood (North East England)

£120 still needed for furniture

This 67 year old man, who is classed as a vulnerable adult and has mobility issues, found himself in a very difficult situation. His previous property was taken over by outsiders and many of his household goods were either stolen or ruined. For his own safety he has been moved into supported housing, but he has very little to furnish it with. He has managed to see a single bed and a small fridge in a second hand shop and 120 would pay for these items and improve his circumstances.

Northampton (East Midlands)
White Goods and Furniture

£110 still needed for Clothing for job interviews and bedding.

James is a new volunteer at our church. He is applying for many jobs in the stewarding arena. However he does not have the appropriate clothing for the interview and starting stages in this role. He is also sleeping without appropriate sheets, blankets etc. This is effecting his general well being and causing him some personal distress.

Manchester (North West England)

£50 still needed for carpeting

"John" has moved from our supported accommodation service into his own flat. He is now receiving floating support from our supported housing project now he is in his own home. John has suffered with mental health issues and is recovering from some severe skin allergies. A clean environment is very important to him both mental and physically, and some carpeting to replace the bare floorboards would help him immensely. This request would really help him settle into his accommodation - thank you.

Truro (South West England)

£120 still needed for Electric Cooker

Elizabeth has recently moved from My Sisters Place (a refuge for abused women) into her own home. She has been gifted furniture by friends but is in need of an electric oven. Elizabeth would be grateful for any support offered

North Ormesby (North East England)
Fresh Start

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£100 needed for help towards bills and debts

From shildon - 38 years old

This lady lives with partner and her children. Even though her partner works they struggle day to day with weekly bills and debts. A grant from acts would enable church to provide this family with a food pack which will free up some money to put towards debts. Please can you help this family.

Received £100 through Acts 435.

£100 needed for help towards buying a cooker

From Butterknowle - 59 years old

This gentleman is on a low income and struggling financially. He has just moved into a new home and is in need of a cooker but cant afford at this time. At the moment he is using a camping stove. A grant from acts would enable church to provide this gentleman with a food pack which will free up money to put toward a second hand cooker.

Received £100 through Acts 435.

£100 needed for food for lady struggling with debt

From Bishop Auckland - 24 years old

This lady is a single parent. Even though S works she struggles daily to keep on top of her bills.She has already found herself in debt with rent and council tax. She also has to pay some money towards childcare which she finds difficult. A grant from acts would enable church to provide this lady with a food pack which will help this lady enormously at this difficult time.

Received £100 through Acts 435.

£90 needed for Re-conditioned cooker

From Scarborough - 59 years old

This lady is asking for your help to repalce her 30 year old cooker which is beyond repair. She is on a very limited income and continues to pay off debts from her benifits. She suffering from poor health and unable to work. Acts 435 have helped her in the past and she is very grateful. She has sort help from elsewhere to no avail. Please can you help Thank you

Received £90 through Acts 435.

£80 needed for visits to son

From Stroud - 24 years old

This young man is experiencing benefit delays, and is desperate to see his baby son who lived with him until recently when his partner decided to move away. It now costs 20 for a round trip on the train to see him, and as his benefit is delayed he cannot afford to do this at all. He is missing him terribly so any help towards him being able to visit a few times would be greatly appreciated.

Received £80 through Acts 435.

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Two Gifts

Claire and Peter are a lovely family working with Christians Against Poverty. Peter works away and Claire has struggled a lot with looking after their three children whilst suffering from health problems in the past year. She has had to give up work and the family have got into debt.

We originally posted a request for Claire to help her get a pushchair for her children, as she was unable to take them out. The request received a donation, but then Claire told us she had got herself a pushchair from selling something else she had. So we used the donation we had received from Acts435 to buy her some flowers to bless her.

The donor was touched by this story and offered to bless the family again with another gift. We thought that Claire would appreciate being able to buy a gift for her son's Birthday, so the donor sent another gift towards this and we bought some toys for Claire to give her son.

Both Claire and the CAP Colchester team have been really touched by this story of someone reaching out to a stranger in need. It is these acts of kindness that make being part of Acts435 so special.

School Uniform for 16 year old

A is a single dad who suffers from deep depression and has many physical disabilities. He receives benefits as he has been unable to work for the past 8 years. He is trying hard to pay off debts, but there is no spare money. His 16 year old son is his carer and works really hard; he desperately needed a school uniform and shoes for next term but there was just no money to pay for one.

The young man was so delighted with his new school uniform and shoes that he received at the generosity of Acts 435 donors. We are only half way through the summer holidays and he cannot wait to go back to school- that must be a first! The joy and relief that he felt about being able to return without the fear and stigma of being bullied because his clothes are far too small was incredible.

Acts435 money goes farther than expected

Having received money for a fridge freezer for a Simon Community client who is moving out of a homeless hostel into a flat, the money ended up going even farther than expected and met not just his material needs but also another family as well. We bought an under counter fridge freezer second hand from a family who had recently been made homeless themselves and were moving into a house and selling some things that were there. They were also pleased to hear that the fridge was going to help someone else in a similar situation.

The Simon Community client was also in need of a bed and had just had an application for a community care grant turned down. Simon Community were looking to find 70 to be able to pay for the bed. I had trouble finding a secondhand under counter fridge and had asked for 120 thinking I would have to buy a new one. But, in the end, we got the fridge freezer secondhand for 50 which left another 70 leftover to be able to pay for his bed as well.

Clothing support

Shanun's family collapsed and he made a couple of unfortunate decisions. Life looked bleak and without hope. He even found himself in a adult hostel amongst drug users. The Prince's Trust began to work with him building opportunities and hope for a future. He began a course with them that hopefully will lead to an apprenticeship and employment. Organisations such as Marks and Spencer's take apprenticeships from Prince's Trust and the hope is Shaun will follow this track. The clothes are a small part in his journey but hugely significant in his beginning to see people genuinely care for him. I know he was very touched and excited to spend this money on clothes and did so with great care. Thank you so much for this help.


Placed in a homeless hostel Declan was really struggling. He had limited support from Social services but a breakdown in his family meant he was very much alone. Social Services connected him to the Prince's Trust scheme to get young people into work. They enable people to get to a place where they can take an apprenticeship. The scheme connects hard to reach young people with employers willing to help and has over a 90% success rate. Declan had nothing and the gift of 120 enabled him to buy some clothing. It also told him that people cared and he really appreciated that choosing the clothing carefully. This is a small part in his journey but the Prince's Trust worker said it was a 'significant' moment and to this point Declan is enthusiastically working to improve his life.

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