Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Acts 435 is a revolutionary website that allows people to give money directly to others. 100% of what is donated via Acts 435 goes directly to those in need. If you GiftAid your donation, it helps towards the running costs of the charity.

  1. Apply to your local
  2. An Advocate verifies
    your request…
  3. Your request is posted
    on Acts 435…
  4. Donations are made
    through the site.

When so many people need so much help, giving can sometimes feel hit and miss, and choosing between charities can be hard. Acts 435 puts people who can give in touch with people who are in need with the Church as the physical, face-to-face forum to enable virtual, online giving.

Many churches run their own charity or together with other churches have set up a charity helping people in need. Acts 435 does work through Christian charities as well as churches of all denominations and independent churches.

If you are a local charity working with people in poverty but not of a Christian ethos, you may still apply to become an Acts 435 participating charity. This is considered by Acts 435 to be a temporary measure however until a church in the area can be identified to participate and a network between the participating charity and the church be established.

Our Advocates

When someone needs to request financial help, they meet the advocate for their local church taking part in Acts 435. The advocates are the crucial link between people who need financial help, and people who want to help. They serve as an advocate (spokesperson) for those in need in their community, and put their requests on the Acts 435 website.

The advocates are all volunteers, and are worshipping members of their church. They are people who have a heart to help those in need, and they keep details of their meetings confidential. The advocates are supported by the Acts 435 team, and receive training and help.

If you'd like to become an advocate, or know someone who might, click here.