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Being Ordinary

21st November 2016

When I started volunteering with DASH (Destitute Asylum Seekers in Huddersfield) I was unsure what I could offer seeing I had no ESOL skills. When I was asked to work with Acts 435 for Dash I was thrilled to be of use, but especially when I understood how the organisation works. The idea that folks with nothing could have specific needs met by others whom they had never met, seemed a wonderful but simple way of bringing people together.

For the Dash folks it is really an unlooked-for Godsend. I have two stories.

When I first met Zanab, an elderly Somali woman with no family locally, she was living in a small room. I was asked to sit with her and help her when she was moved across town to a completely new area. She was so grateful for my presence. I found her to be a warm, friendly woman with humour, always saying thank you for everything she received. When I became an advocate, I immediately thought of her. She had no winter coat and walks for miles around a cold Yorkshire town. I explained that unknown people may be willing to give her money to buy a winter coat. She found it hard to believe, saying Thank you! Thank you! I then explained that it might not happen but she nevertheless carried on saying thank you. I was amazed how quickly people gave the money. It cheered me up at the end of a difficult day.

So we went shopping for a coat. What fun. She was like a child in a candy factory. Wanting to try on this coat, that coat, all coats. It was such a special thing for someone who never goes shopping for new anything. She is a large lady and so the choice was limited but she found something that she really liked. It had ‘fur’ round the collar and she kept nuzzling into it and pulling the coat around her. Her smile was from here to infinity! Thank you! Thank you! I like! Lovely lovely! S warm! Thank you, thank you! Then she wanted to go immediately to Dash foregoing a cuppa so she could show her friends there. What joy, what help to keep her warm, what a demonstration of love for a stranger.

The second story is about an Eritrean man who has wife and 3 children. He is not allowed to live with them or support them. Asylum seekers must not work while waiting for Home Office approval to remain. In his culture it is unheard of. A man always works to support his family. But, despite all the difficulties, his loss of status as a father, he remains dignified, hopeful and patient. Last summer his 6 year old son asked him to take them on holiday. Obviously he could not do that but he started trying to find ways to take him out for the day. Nothing came up. When I met him it struck me how very hard it is not to be able to treat your child (especially as my great joy is treating my grandchildren). A day at a museum, educational as well as family time, seemed very little but meant a huge amount. His son is interested in science and planes. And so I hesitantly suggested you might be willing to fund such a day for him. He found it hard to believe. Again I told him it might not happen as was unsure whether folks would see it as meeting a need in the face of so many other needs. Nothing happened immediately and we both settled down to be patient. The news came through when we least expected it. It was wonderful. It meant so much to Benyam an encouraged many others. And so they went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. They went on the train and had a wonderful time exploring together as a family, like so many other families at half term. Being ordinary at times seems impossible, but you gave him the opportunity to do just that.

For myself, I have found the generosity and love behind these gifts that allow ordinary people to do things we can easily take for granted, has given me a new lease of ‘faith life’ after a difficult period. Thank you for the joy you have given to Benyam, Zanab and me.

Blown away

21st November 2016

John is blown away by your kindness. He says:
"I am extremely grateful. It is really nice to know that there are people who aren't related to you or obligated to you who are willing to help. This will go a long way to help me."

Washing Machine

20th November 2016

B is so grateful for the washing machine she gave me a big hug and said to give it to you. She said "I cannot get over that people I don't even know want to help me"

You have made this lady's life so much easier and it has brought her great joy. Thank you.

thank you for making my day

17th November 2016

Rob said 'I think this is spot on and i appreciate it. It's been one of the things that has put a smile on my face. When I'm cooking my christmas dinner I shall think of all the people who helped it happen."

Replacement oven

14th November 2016

Oh my, a replacement oven will mean I can prepare meals again for my son (and his friends). My mum has been great but now I can provide for my family again. Thank you.

Help with Food

10th November 2016

One of our Church volunteers found out that a young man in the Church was struggling to buy food even though he has two jobs and lives alone. He asked our Acts 435 advocate Dave Key at Open Door Church Peterborough if he could help in anyway. Dave was able to find out more details and then put in a request for £60 to help with this urgent situation. £60 was given to the Church Volunteer who took the young man food shopping straight away. They returned to his home and filled his cupboards and fridge with food which was more than enough to help him until his next pay day. The request was posted and met in full within two weeks by generous donations. Thank you for helping us to support him in his time of need.

Childrens' scout camp

7th November 2016

A family of 4 were enabled to attend an international scout jamboree at Charnwood. They greatly enjoyed themselves, and sent cards thanking the sponsors. They saw the pop group Little Mix, made balloons and completed challenges along with lots of other children from around the country. "It was excellent, thank you very much, Best day ever".


7th November 2016

Thomas was able to visit his mum who lives quite a way from Bournemouth. She is in very ill health and to be able to see her has been fantastic. Thank you so much.


6th November 2016

D came to collect and sign for the £120 so generously donated towards his replacement washing machine and it is very timely.
He says "thank you for your kind help. I wish you a good Christmas."

Thank you very much.

Re-conditioned Gas Cooker.

6th November 2016

This young mum is delighted with the cooker, we managed to get one in excellent condition. It is being fitted tomorrow and she is excited at being able to cook proper meals again.
Many thanks for your generosity.

Electric Cooker

6th November 2016

This young mum is so grateful for your help in enabling her to buy a cooker. She has just moved into a new home after her previous house and all their belongings were destroyed by fire.
This is a new start and to know that people care enough to help her gives her the courage to go on. Thank you.


3rd November 2016

Abbas thoroughly enjoyed his time away on the residential to Peat Rigg, he was allowed to be a young child without the worries of waiting to hear if their leave of stay had been granted. Abbas enjoyed abseiling, zip lines, Jacob's Ladder and numerous other activities. He was chilled and relaxed the entire time he was their and thoroughly enjoyed himself.


3rd November 2016

Dipo Had just been given the money for his bike when he found out that he had been granted the Leave to Stay in the UK! His response was he could now go out and about looking for work to support his family and he felt he had the means to do so as he had his own transport!!

Gas fitter to connect cooker

21st October 2016

It will be so wonderful to be able to cook meals with more elements than I can do in just the microwave, I am really looking forward to enjoying eggs .... !!
Thank you.

Lovely gratitude

18th October 2016

When I told Jackie about this donation this was her response...

Oh how wonderful, I truly can't believe the kindness of people, to a person they don't even know. Thank you so much for doing this for me. You don't know what it means to me. I'm totally overwhelmed. I will sleep better tonight, I know that.That money will certainly help me more than you can imagine. I want them to know how grateful I am so do tell them please for me - I don't know what the correct thing to do is.
Love, light and many rainbows Jackie


18th October 2016

I just am so relieved that I haven't got to save for ages for a new cooker. I can actually go and get the second hand shop to sort me out and come and fit it all in - just a few more pounds for me to save which I can do in a few weeks now - much more do-able. Thank you so much people.


16th October 2016

With the aftermath of accident at work and termination of wages, it is a desperate hardship to visit my daughter and grandchild who are still at mother & child shelter all the way past Gatwick. Now I can visit and purchase food items to complement Foodbank and buy nappies and formula for my grandchild.

Thank you very much, God bless you.

Saved from Eviction

15th October 2016

Thank You is an understatement! To think that a residency of 35 years would be lost, due to rent arrears of £500 is embarrassing, and could have happened if ACTS 435 had not given, thereby delaying the eviction process, consequently making room for other inputs to secure the tenancy.


School shoes

12th October 2016

Sam has really benefited from the gift for school shoes. She was so pleased to be able to buy a pair for each of her children! She was delighted to purchase new socks and underwear for her growing teenage boys! There was even money for a top for herself as she spent her money wisely in a sale. Her befriender Angie took Sam for coffee after the shopping trip and they were able to talk about the difficulties in her life. Angie was able to support and encourage her. This opportunity was created because of the generous gifts from Acts 435!

New Carpets

10th October 2016

My carpets were worn and needed replacing and I could not afford to do it, my son suffers with OCD & Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome, he has a fear of contamination which causes him to find safe zones around the home so he can feel comfortable and clean. The money received has helped me to prepare and carpet a room for him where he can feel comfortable.

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