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Success Stories

New Pushchair

30th March 2017

This recipient writes; I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the most generous donation to help us purchase a new pushchair for our 11 month old baby girl. Without your help it would have meant much financial hardship for our family at a time that is particularly difficult for us.

We had no idea that your organisation even existed and we are grateful for your support at this time and hopefully in the near future we will be in a position to make our own donation to your most worthy cause.

Many thanks for your help and support.

Fresh Start

27th March 2017

Thank you, I have used the funds from this and my previous request for the award of £90 to pay for a Debt Relief Order. The order was approved and accepted and I have the chance of a fresh start now, debt free for the first time in as long as I can remember.

Success of one man's life changed

6th March 2017

This is a remarkable story. We met J about 4 years ago and he was in a mess in so many ways. He lost access to his children when his ex-wife moved without informing him or the court. J had a breakdown and was under the hospital for depression. He was unemployed, in social housing, living on benefits and had little hope. He became a Christian and his life began to change. His depression lifted and after a few months he was discharged from the hospital and now needs no further treatment or medication. He got back to working but is looking at going to college to re-train. In November last year he married a woman in the church and they are making progress in regaining access to his children. The unconditional love shown to him by Christians in the church and through Acts 435 played a significant part in his transformation.

Complete change of circumstances

21st February 2017

When we filed Frank's application we also prayed for him as he has been fighting cancer for the last 4 years and was also waiting to hear back from his appeal to the Home Office on his application to stay in the UK. When I contacted him to give him this money he told me that following our meeting his application had been approved, he had been rehoused to more affordable housing and could now pay off his energy bills so that he was no longer in debt.

Homeless no more

14th February 2017

Mark originally approached us for help a year ago when he had lost work due to health problems and as a result ended up homeless. Determined to not get caught up in the local homeless "scene" with its disposition of drink and drugs, he sought our help to get camping equipment that would enable him to wild camp on the outskirts of town. Acts 435 supported him with £120 for a tent, sleeping bag, etc, which enabled him to survive for the last year whilst he worked with local agencies to find a home.

He has now obtained a home (rented flat) with help from the local authority and others and we have again helped through Acts 435 to get this furnished.

He is now looking for employment again and says that the support from Acts 435 has been essential in turning life round for him.

Mark says , "This help is fantastic - everything seems to be heading in the right direction now with my new home - thank you so much."

You can also read more about Mark's story on our blog!


26th January 2017

Thank you so much for your kind donation. This has meant a great deal to John who has been able to carpet his flat having moved out of supported accommodation. John is continuing to live independently and asked for his gratitude to be passed on! It is very difficult to find funding for carpeting and Acts 435 has allowed clients like John to be able to make their accommodation into a home.


24th January 2017

Acts 435 donors have given money towards this man's daily travel costs from Redruth to Truro Treliske hospital for radiotherapy.
His condition was misdiagnosed for years and his health declined, he could no longer work, lost his home and slept for months on end in his car.
Finally he was diagnosed with lung cancer and is now receiving the treatment he desperately needs.
Thank you.

Life-line for Widow

23rd January 2017

This widowed lady with a 10 year old son had to leave her partially furnished flat as landlord needed it for family. She works in the holiday trade cleaning but the work in Cornwall is seasonal. At the moment she gets 12 to 16 hours work a week. She successfully bid for a housing association flat but it had nothing in it. She was given 2 mattresses and had 2 easy chairs and a table from her other flat. She was referred to us and I went to see her and decided to put requests online for her. They were fulfilled so quickly. Thank you. We helped her get good second hand equipment in advance of the payment and were able to pay for it and deliver it yesterday. There is some left over to get some lino to cover the bare floor boards in some rooms. She was in tears yesterday. She cannot believe strangers would help her. She wishes she could thank you all personally. We left her uplifted!

Homeless and penniless

16th January 2017

Thank you very very much for enabling Transformation CPR to provide the support this vulnerable couple so desperately needed. To be suddenly homeless and penniless is a terrible thing but to not be able to speak the language makes it a scary place to be.
The couple are safely accommodated and incredibly grateful for your help.

The difference carpets can make!

5th January 2017

This young Mum of four has been struggling with mental health problems and her children have been living with their Dad. Mum, J, has been compliant with the relevant services and has made much progress both in her health and in creating a home in her little flat. There were no carpets and she was not allowed to have her children visit in the flat until the carpet problem was resolved. An Acts 435 grant enabled her to buy 2 carpets and a friend fitted them for free 3 days before Christmas. What a special time this was for the family! The children came for their Christmas dinner and they all had a wonderful time together. This has given them all so much hope for the future now we are at the start of a New Year. Thank you for really making a difference!

Family's Last Christmas

3rd January 2017

Family's Last Christmas

A 35 year old father of 5 is facing his last Christmas with his young family after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is self employed and the sole bread winner. The generous donation of £100 for this request was received within hours of being posted.
Five very nice toys were bought for the children and a family game for all to share. All gift wrapped by the Advocate.
Being in a very dark place at the moment the man and his wife were overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers at Christmas. It will help them to make a celebration for the children on this bitter sweet occasion. Heartfelt thanks to the donor.

Fresh start

28th December 2016

For a new Mum who had been brought up in care and now with no family support the gift of new carpet for her new flat just before Christmas was mind blowing. She was so excited and relieved that someone out there cared about her and her baby and enabled her to do the right thing and make a new start.

In time miracle!

26th December 2016

Without this service of helps, I might not make it through this Christmas. Thank you so much for bailing my family out of the sticky situation where were in.

Now we can have something decent to eat, at least, for some weeks. And we can plan new arriving baby's essentials.


22nd December 2016

The money will help with cost of travel for the Dad to go for cancer treatment at Southampton Hospital.
The family are so grateful for the money as the situation was putting further pressure on the family finances due to the Dad not being able to work. We pray that the treatment is successful and their finances will soon be sorted.


19th December 2016

I would like to pass on our gratitude to everyone who helped us be able to get our car repaired. It is just in perfect time! Now I can get to appointments and life will be so much easier.
Wishing you all and amazing Christmas and a fantastic 2017


15th December 2016

This lady is amazed that this grant has been provided so quickly - the same day as the request was posted. She is able to get her teenage son some presents to open on Christmas day which will make both their christmas special.


12th December 2016

Cornwall Wheels to Work would like to say thank you for the support you and Acts 435 have given Jake towards getting to his employment place.
With out your help, he would not have been able to continue with his apprenticeship.
Wishing you and every one who helped Jake a very Happy Christmas.

An inspirational solution

8th December 2016

These grandparents are determined to look after their grandson and give him a settled loving home despite the lack of space in their home. They came up with a solution and with help from the Buffalos branch who bought him a garden room, and Acts435 who have furnished it and provided power and heat have given the lad his own secure space.

thanks for new clothes!

6th December 2016

Applicants were amazed that someone would be kind enough to contribute towards some new clothes for them. They are very, very grateful and say thank you.

New Boots

26th November 2016

Aisha has come to this country from sunny Nigeria. She is learning English quickly but has other difficulties. She is asthmatic and thus the cold affects her quite badly physically as well as being strange. Her mother managed to find a second hand pair of boots that didn't really fit and were very worn inside. This made her feet sore and as they also had cracked soles her feet got wet in any case. She showed me the state of her boots with a sad face as she endeavoured to communicate her need. Without a wider family and village friends around it is hard for asylum seekers to feel supported. They can feel isolated and disorientated.

But thanks to her donors she now has a new pair of proper boots which are comfortable and warm. Her little face lit up with delight when I explained to her and her mother that she would be able to have new boots. And proper boots not just cheap ones that easily become stiff and uncomfortable.

The donation meant so much to all three members of her family. It is more than money. It means someone they don't know cares enough about their situation to help them out. It brings a feeling of warmth and acceptance which is very hard to hold on to when you are living in a strange land, attending a strange school and learning a strange language. Thank you.

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