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More than just money, but a servant heart

9th August 2017

Charlotte arrived at our CAP Job Club a few months ago broken and lacking any confidence in herself. We discovered that she was helping to care for her sister's children while her sister was undergoing radiotherapy and that her washing machine was broken so we submitted an Acts 435 application for her to buy a replacement machine. In the mean time we enrolled Charlotte in our free counselling service and began helping build up her self-esteem. After meeting with her yesterday to hand over the wonderful Acts 435 gift she said that she would like to give back by volunteering with our Foodbank team and coming along to the CAP Job Club to help make toasted sandwiches for our clients. Thank you Acts 435 community for helping to turn Charlotte's life around!

Social and secure

21st July 2017

P's life has not been easy. Much of it has been spent looking after her parents to the detriment of her own life.
Through owning a scooter in later life she managed to get to a craft club we run and made friends. She is now an active member of the church with a social life.
The independence the scooter brings cannot be imagined and the loss of it would have been life changing.
Not being able to secure it was a concern which is now sorted through the generous donors of Acts 435.
Thank you very much.

Mother stays by her son's hospital bedside.

7th July 2017

D's son was involved in a critical car accident. He is on life support and there has been brain damaged. D is a single mum on benefits and the hospital is 2 hours away. She needed money to help with transport.
The appeal was achieved in just a few days.
D's son will be in hospital for some time.
This money has offered D real hope and reassurance. She is surrounded by a wall of prayer here and the support of the chaplaincy team. It means so much to her. In this dark time the love of neighbours means so much. Thank you.

Could You Or I Live In A Van?

6th July 2017

Acts 435, through the generosity of its donors, has helped a lady who is living in a van, through no fault of her own. She had to leave the house she rented and started to live in her van. There were no family members who wanted to assist her. She has no recourse to public funds as yet - at least two months on.
The cooking and living equipment the Selby & District Foodbank bought on her behalf through your donations will make a real difference, on a daily basis, to this intelligent and caring lady.She does not fit the criteria of the majority of people we have recently been helping at the Foodbank. In other words, it could have been you or it could have been me. "Food for thought" as they say, which is quite ironic in the circumstances.

Peace of Mind

25th May 2017

Peace of Mind

Des is a vulnerable adult who is housed by a Christian supported housing charity. Due to recent changes at the DWP Des has been left without income through no fault of his own. Understandably, this caused Des a great deal of stress and anxiety, worrying about not being able to keep on top of his rent payments and contributions to utilities. We approached Acts 435 regarding Des's situation, and before long £45 was contributed in order to cover Des's rent and utilities for the period of time he was without income. This has helped reduce Des's stress and anxiety, and has enabled him to continue working as a volunteer at a charity shop, safe in the knowledge that his accommodation was secured.

A New Home

19th May 2017

A New Home

Jim is a man with a new lightness in his step. He first came to us for food 2 years ago; when he was relying on friends for a bed at night. He has suffered with Illness, which led to unemployment and depression. Recently however, he came to us tired but happy that he had been offered a flat after 2 years of sofa surfing and relying on friends. Now with a proper address he was able to access benefits again. However, the flat was completely empty and he had little money to spare after moving in. Friends helped with the smaller bits and pieces but the Acts 435 grant enabled him to choose the larger items he needed. With careful buying from a second hand shop the result is amazing. As he says he now has a HOME.
He is a man transformed and shares his story with everyone, showing them photographs and inviting them round for a cup of tea. He has learnt to laugh once more.

Sara, the local Advocate, went out to see him again recently, to take the picture below;

"I have been to see James today and he is still very grateful for the help he received from Acts 435. He proudly showed me round his flat and pointed out the items he had bought with the grant - amazing how far it went!! He was more than happy for his photo to be used on the website if it would encourage others to help those in need. I am going to give him a framed copy of the photo for his wall to go with the only two family ones he has which are so very precious to him.
We prayed for his dog,Skye,who sadly has cancer but still enjoyed a walk by the river this morning."

Life Changing Gift

13th April 2017

Life Changing Gift

Karen, our Advocate in Cornwall writes; I was heartbroken to hear the story of a couple who describe themselves as 'white refugees.' W and G are UK citizens who have recently returned to the UK after living in South Africa. They had to leave because there was no employment and they simply couldn't survive. They are living with W's brother in Cornwall; it is a difficult situation because the brother is self employed and not getting much work. They are desperate for money just to live and their benefits claim could take 3 months to be assessed.
Feeling utterly despondent, D and W were led to Transformation CPR and Centenary Methodist Church. Joining me for Tea & Toast, they told me this had been a 'life saving and life changing experience.' They had been 'welcomed with open arms and shown true Christian love.'

The £100 they received through Acts 435 was used to purchase toiletries (supplemented by CPR Foodbank), for essential travel to appointments e.g. Jobcentre, and to pay for W's essential prescriptions. It was a lifeline to them.

Emergency toilet repair

25th July 2017

Kay was devastated by the toilet breaking a few weeks ago. It had literally broken away from the wall and cracked. She was travelling to town to use the public toilets there. It has been wonderful to organise a new toilet to be delivered and installed for her. She was overwhelmed by the generosity of your donations. What a relief!

Thank you for helping to get our car back on the road

10th July 2017

Thank you for helping get the car back on the road. This is essential for Emma's work as a nurse and through your generosity she did not have to miss a shift. She is so grateful - thank you. It is such an encouragement to a single mum that there are people who really care and want to extend love and encouragement when sometimes life seems so hard.

Acts 435 the only possibility

20th June 2017

J sends his grateful thanks to the donors enabling him to travel from Cornwall to Bristol for mandatory employment training before he is able to start the job. Being on JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) and the government being able to give no help, Acts 435 was the only possibility open to him and you so kindly raised the money in record time.
Thank you for giving J the opportunity to move forward.

Sound Sleep for Mum and Baby

12th June 2017

Following an abusive childhood D had been in care until she was 17, and then entered into an abusive relationship - resulting in a one year old baby. After support and counselling she has now moved into her own flat and Acts 435 have enabled her to have a cot bed (which will last several years) and a bed for herself. Let's hope she sleeps peacefully and safely in her new bed, and the baby does likewise!

New Teeth

23rd May 2017

N was struggling with debt and just could not afford to have her dentures repaired so when told donors had given her the money her response was "Wow that is great and so uplifitng in this dark struggle i am in. I am over the moon at the thought of having a full set of teeth again. Thank you so much." But on arrival at the dentist it got even better - the dentist decided to repair her old teeth for free and provide her with a brand new set of dentures with the money. Literally big smiles all round!!

Humbled by Strangers

15th May 2017

I received this letter from Alan; Dear Peter. I am writing to say thank you for the donation of £120 you helped to get for me. Just to say thank you to you, your followers, your members or flock, I'm not quite sure which. It was a great help towards my wife's funeral cost. I feel so humble that complete strangers could help in this way. So I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am forever grateful. Alan

Hope and Love

10th May 2017

The applicant has been delighted with the success of her request. It has not only given her practical help, but it has given her hope. She has been encouraged so much. With this extra love and hope in her life she has reorganised the house more efficiently with bunk beds and clothes storage. The children were delighted with the beds. This single Mum of 8 children has attended some courses and is building her self-esteem again, along with making some time for herself, Thank you so much. A happy Mum helps to make a happy home.

84 year old man gets a new start in new home

5th May 2017

Ron's wife had passed away 5 years earlier and he has struggled without her in the private rented flat. He got offered a flat in good local sheltered accommodation and took this up. But with no one to help him, he had not given notice on his existing flat. This resulted in his Housing Benefit only covering one of the properties and rent arrears in addition to some old gas & electric arrears, which Christians Against Poverty helping to sort out for him. He also had no idea how to arrange the move so we put him in contact with a good local remover, but paying this left him with insufficient funds to carpet the new flat which only had underlay. Thanks to a cheap price from local Christian carpet supplier/fitter and the help from Acts 435 the flat was carpeted before he moved in and we managed to get a new single bed to replace the very old double bed that he didn't want to take with him. We have also got his TV and telephone working.

He is now settled in his new home and making friends with other residents - he told me that he is very happy in the new home and thanks to everyone who helped.

Shannon & Joshua's Debt Relief Order Fees

29th April 2017

Shannon & Joshua are a young couple who are working hard to raise their baby well. They are both in debt & working with Christians Against Poverty, who recommended that both of them go through a Debt Relief Order. The fee for each of them is £90 & they didn't know how they would raise the money.

On receiving the donations through Acts 435, Shannon wrote: "Receiving the donations towards our Debt Relief Orders has made us feel fantastic, as getting the money together ourselves felt impossible to finance with our young baby. We can't wait to become debt free, so we can finally get married and live our lives without fear & worry that one day we may have someone at the door to take all of our things away. So me & my partner would like to say a massive thank you to whoever donated, so we can finally live freely without fear."

Homeless woman gets her ID back

21st April 2017

After having all her paperwork stolen, Patricia has now obtained her replacement passport and is engaging with a legal adviser on her immigration status. She has also moved out of homelessness to work in a social enterprise project that also offers accommodation and feels very positive about her life for the first time after a long period of isolation and uncertainty.

Positive Steps

20th April 2017

We cannot thank you enough for your kind donation! M was so pleased to have the money to be able to see her children once a week. She left with a definite skip in her step!

M has signed up with a recruitment agency that will give her access to training and job placements that result in a reference - all reasons to celebrate her positive steps.

Helping Hand

15th April 2017

This young lady was in care, through no fault of her own, until last year when she became 16 when she was placed in supported accommodation. In February this year she turned 17 and was allocated a council flat, but had only a bed and a kettle to move in with!

Hull Homeless Community Project (HHCP) have supported her with donated goods but she was without a cooker and a washer - two items which are very important. She volunteers for HHCP as while she seeks work. It is very young to be asked to sort out all your affairs with no support from family and only basic benefits.

The prompt response from the wonderful donor gives her a start in life which she really deserves and is very grateful for. Thank you.

New Bed

4th April 2017

Debbie, the recipient, wrote;

Please can we thank you deeply for the provision of this money. We are a family of four with two young children and on low incomes. We have had our old bed for 8 years and it was given to us back then by family. After my recent operation I am very thankful to the Lord for his grace and provision with wonderful, generous donation for our new bed.

We will be thankful in our prayers tonight,

Deborah and Gavin

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