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Success Stories

A good night's sleep all round

25th January 2019

A young mum and her 2 year old daughter had to be re housed after an awful relationship breakdown. Neither had slept properly for a long time, the babe had outgrown her cot a long time ago and they could not afford a new Toddler bed (due to severe eczema they could not have a secondhand mattress). The referral came to me and I put an application on to Acts 435 on Thursday evening. When I woke up on the Friday morning the need had already been met, to be able to call mum and tell her the bed is ordered and on its way was amazing. Mum and babe are finally going to be able to have a comfortable good night's sleep and that will make everything else seem easier. Mum says thank you, the generosity means more than you can ever imagine!

Turned around life

11th January 2019

SW came to us a broken woman, crying and feeling she had no hope in her situation. In just 3 months, we have been able to do a Debt Relief Order thanks to Acts 435 donations for the fees. She is now trying to keep focused on moving forward, and feels she would have been on the streets before Christmas without your help. She had no way to turn but now feels she can go on- Acts 435 donors gave her hope for the future!

A Christmas Gift

4th January 2019

S hadn't seen her dad for a while - he was in hospital in London and she was struggling financially, so much so that she was using her local foodbank, so finding the money for the train was out of the question. S doesn't have a car nor anyone willing to take her to see him. The money raised via Acts 435 meant that S and her children could see her Dad during the Christmas holidays- a really special Christmas gift for them all!

A fridge freezer.and independence!

18th December 2018

M has been through trauma, war, serious injury, loss of family and has now found the healing love of God and a place to call home. Acts 435 donations towards the fridge freezer have been a huge blessing and relief- she can now live a more independent, healthy lifestyle and even host friends herself! As we visited M with the donations her whole being transformed, smiling she kept saying "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God". The kindness of strangers and the provision of our faithful God has helped instil a sense of pride and self worth that cant be bought. We are believing for another step forward in her journey of faith and healing. Thank you, Acts 435!

Family in housefire

19th November 2018

L, a young mum of several children one of whom is disabled, suffered from a house fire started by an electrical fault. Although the Council repaired her home they were unable to help with all her goods which were also destroyed. She had not taken out house insurance at the beginning of the year because money was very tight.

Left with nothing she was overwhelmed to be helped by Acts 435, including a larger donation being approved by the Acts 435 team. L was absolutely so very relieved to receive this help. She could not believe the kindness of strangers. This is the joy that Acts 435 donors can provide!

Life being transformed!

17th October 2018

A gentleman came into the Foodbank for help- he had been homeless for 12 years, but due to a heart condition had recently been given a flat. The flat was unfurnished, so we asked Acts 435 donors to help buy him some basic furniture. When he received their gift , he asked to send this message:

"I am extremely grateful, I really don’t know what to say. You’ve made an old man really happy. My life is so different now it feels like I’m living in a palace instead of my tent. I’ve met the nicest people I’ve ever met through church and the Foodbank and everyone has bent over backwards to help me. They’ve done so much for me. I love The Light Church, it was the first time I’ve been in a church for forty years and it’s totally different to what I thought. The people are so warm and it feels like I have a family which I’ve not had for a long time.

I’ve seen such answers to prayers. I was really panicking about my heart condition which was the reason why I came ‘inside’ from being homeless for 12 years. Now I’ve been told I don’t have a heart condition, it’s the result of a previous injury and I just need an operation. It was God’s way of getting me inside and getting me to church and alpha and to love coming. Nothing rammed down your throat and you learn about God at your own pace."


3rd September 2018

Mum and her 5 children had left their home due to domestic violence. After living with Maternal grandmother in a 2 bedroom house they were given a property, but the property had just old plaster on the walls and badly needed cleaning. Mum and her children all helped but were unable to decorate due to the cost. The 4th child, aged 11 years has health needs and is under a consultant; he can be very poorly and has a weak immune system.

With the donation from Acts 435 donors Mum was able to buy wallpaper, and with the help of her children and family they have decorated the lounge and hallway both upstairs and downstairs. Together they have made their home clean and warm, the family are very grateful and this has also had a positive effect on Mum's mental health.

A life turn round

10th August 2018

"Harry" had a difficult childhood. He was brought up by a single mum along with several other children all by different fathers. During his formative years, Harry’s various “parents” suffered from alcohol and drug abuse.

He first came into contact with us via the JOB Club which was run out of the local church. His self-esteem was low and his clothes were ragged. In July 2016, Acts 435 donors provided funds for new clothes. This was particularly helpful as he had been invited to a wedding and had been ashamed to accept the invitation until he received the new clothes.

In May 2017, Acts 435 donors provided support for him to go on a course to prepare people to work for British Rail. He passed every test first time. However, he was unable to get a job on the railway. Nevertheless, the course helped Harry to understand the meaning of work and work ethics, so he progressed from there by holding down jobs in restaurants, working unsocial hours.

However, Harry has now found a job working for a small business in the local area. He has impressed the owners by coming up with cost saving ideas and the business is prospering. Harry is almost ready to move into a private rental accommodation, and his boss has provided financial support for the up front bond. Harry has also been sent on training courses which involved overnight accommodation at good quality hotels.

In short, the two Acts 435 donations have helped Harry turn his whole life round!

Nowhere to lay their heads

14th June 2018

As a church we have been serving the local Asylum Seeker and Refugee community, and regularly hear of significant needs. Recently we heard that a Sudanese family with several young children were living in a small high-rise flat with no bedding at all. We visited them and spoke with them about Acts 435 - they were delighted to have the church apply for funding, and when we arrived with bedding for the entire family their beautiful smiles lit up the flat! Our friendship with the family continues to grow, and we thank God for the opportunities past and future that we have to love them in His name.

Fresh Start

25th May 2018

J was a good chef but drinking came with the lifestyle and he became an alcoholic. He lost his job, partner and young daughter. He hit rock bottom, and so he sought help from Adaction. Jesus then came into his life through Christians Against Poverty. He turned his life around and is an active member of a local Baptist Church and a Street Pastor. He came to Acts 435 because he had found work so was off benefits but wasn't getting any pay until he had worked the first month. He was so grateful for the donations to get him through this time.

Encouragement of a bus pass

3rd May 2018

D suffered serious burns to her face following an accident in her home and had been in hospital for some time. As D and her husband J were starting to engage with CAP due to debts it was difficult for J to afford the daily bus fare to visit his wife in hospital. Through Acts 435 an Advocate was able to apply for funding for a week's bus pass to allow J to travel for free for 1 week to go and visit D in hospital. This meant that he didn't have to apply for a crisis loan through his benefits which would have led to his benefits being reduced.

The good news is that D is recovering well following her skin grafts and has now been discharged. J started coming to church the Sunday after D was admitted to hospital and has been every week since. He has witnessed the practical love of the church in action and this has impacted them both deeply.

Every blizard has a silver lining

3rd May 2018

The snow made it impossible to get the car off the drive. The Priest, walking to work, found a couple huddled up in a bus shelter where they had spent the night. If she had been driving that morning, this meeting would not have happened. Acts 435 donors stepped in to pay for emergency accommodation for the couple. The hotel owner was very helpful and introduced Michael to a potential employer, who took him on, and a flat was found for them. Without the money for the hotel, none of this would have come about, and with God's help they will now be able to live a relatively normal life.

Beautiful smile

13th April 2018

"A massive thank you from me and my boy, I no longer need to worry about Gas or Electric for a good few weeks, and I can spread my other money about better. Once again thanks!"

This man's shoulders looked lifted up, as if a weight had just been taken off them, and he had a such a massive smile on his face. He said to his son who was with him "see I told you people care". His young son said "but they don’t know us, why do they care?". I told him about Acts 435 and that he was a V.I.P, which then put a beautiful grin on his face- it definitely gave his dad and I tears in our eyes.

Hope Giver, Lifesaver

29th March 2018

This single dad who is unemployed, struggling alone to look after his 21-month old daughter with the help of the charity Action for Children, was referred to us for some financial help.

His health isn't good - he has chronic back pain, and struggles to walk or even sit easily - and has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Despite that, he was refused PIP (Personal Independence Payment, to help people who struggle with mobility or to look after themselves without support) - and he is awaiting a tribunal to appeal this.

At the time of the request, it was one of the coldest weeks of the winter, he had only £20 in his account, and couldn't afford food or to top up his heating. He was also worried about £80 he owed Welsh Water and he didn't want this accumulating any further.

Thanks to ACTS435, we were able to provide his with £80 to pay off his water bill, and we topped up his gas with a £26 voucher.

You could just hear the relief in his voice, as we called him to tell him that we had just paid off his water bill. "You've been a lifesaver," he said. "You've really helped to pull me out of a bad place, and I am very grateful - Thank You so much."

No longer apart

27th March 2018

L's eldest daughter aged 13 has Autism, anxiety and psychosis as well as learning difficulties. Her psychosis is so severe she has been taken to an assessment unit over 300 miles from home for 3 months. As her main carer her Mum is on a limited income and is finding it a struggle to afford the petrol money and cost of a room at a Premier Inn to visit her daughter. She was referred to Acts 435 by Cornwall Children's Services who did not know how else to source the money needed. I put 2 requests online at 5pm and before bedtime the full amount had been donated! I was able to pay her the next day and she has gone to see her girl. She was so amazed and grateful to the donors. I have never had a request met so quickly. I love being an advocate and events like this show me how worthwhile it is.

No More Wash Day Blues

21st March 2018

This lady was having to put her washing into a black bin liner, hike it to the bus stop, get on and off the bus and walk to her daughter's house to use her washer. She felt under valued and not independent, relying on the goodwill of her daughter and family, sometimes feeling in the way only to turn around and carry it all back home again. We can often take it for granted when we put our washing on, not thinking of someone like this when it has been so cold and snowy. This lady believes this was really an answer to prayer and was so overjoyed when we gave her the news. Her response was "I've been praying for this! God is faithful in the little things as well as the big things. My next thing is a car."

Preparing for new baby

19th March 2018

A & K are soon to have a baby. Social Services had a number of concerns as the young couple have struggled in the past and neither has worked for some time. A has been determined to support his partner and new family and has done all that Social Services have requested. One thing was just beyond them financially, a carpet that Social Services said had to be bought for their main room. We were able to help find a carpet fitter who could help, but even so it was going to cost £260 in total. A was able to earn enough from some extra work to raise £160. The £100 given through ACTS 435 supporters made this last hurdle a reality. A & K are delighted and very thankful, they have achieved so much in the past few months and this helping hand has encouraged them so much more on their journey.

A new beginning

1st March 2018

S is a lovely gentle lady in her 70's with psychiatric problems. We have been working with her through the food bank to try and address the issue of why she has had no power for 3 years. Her psychiatric team finally gained access to find her cold and emaciated and in appalling living conditions. She had an electricity problem which had turned her power off, and combined with a leak from her toilet things had really gone downhill. She was hospitalised for pneumonia and during that time, with her consent, her flat has been stripped of all the damp mouldy items, and the local community have been donating towards her fresh start. The £120 we received from Acts 435 has paid for a kettle, toaster and iron, and many of the kitchen and bathroom essentials that she needed. She is in a B&B until the end of this week, when a new cooker will have been fitted, and is looking forward to coming back to a clean, warm home. The psychiatric team felt that another two weeks and she could have been found dead. We are so thankful for the generosity shown by donors. Acts 435 is an amazing lifeline and brings such hope to people who are often at their wits end.

School uniform success

26th February 2018

A teenage girl joined her family in the UK and was supported to receive a place at a local school, in spite of being part way through the school year. The family managed to purchase some parts of her school uniform, but not the whole package. She was desperate to start, but needed a few more items before she would be allowed to begin her schooling. With the help of donors, the family were able to purchase the rest of the items and she began at school. She's learning English quickly and the whole family is overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers. Thank you for making her transition so much smoother!

Cold Snap!

26th February 2018

We were contacted by a local school. One of their families had no money, a broken boiler and had just ran out of electricity! They needed £30 to get them through until they got paid, so that they could have the electric back on. We were just about to have the coldest week of the winter and this family had no way of keeping warm... until the donations from Acts 435 came and made all the difference!

The family were amazed by the generosity of people that they don’t even know. Grateful doesn’t even touch how they feel! Acts 435 has potentially saved 3 children (2 toddlers) and their parents from freezing! Thank you so much for your quick response to this need! “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me!” Thank you!

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