Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

At Acts 435 we see how a small gift can make a big difference. Here are a few stories of people helped through Acts 435 and the difference it has made.

Choosing Between Food and Warmth

13th May 2021

Choosing Between Food and Warmth
As a charity we are seeing more and more stories of those being made redundant and losing their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is just one story of a single mother in Cornwall:

This single mother has two older children living with her. She lost her job during the first lockdown and although she had found employment afterwards, she lost it again during the second lockdown. Her Universal Credit is being reviewed and she has very little money. One of her children cannot work due to mental ill health and the other has epilepsy and anxiety. This means she is the only one able to work. They have been surviving by using food banks recently, but when they spoke to the Advocate they had no way to pay for electricity to cook the food, or heat their home.

Acts 435 donors were able to pay for food and electricity for this family, and release this mum from the burden that she had been carrying. Here is what she had to say:

"I really am so grateful, thank you ever so much. I feel a great weight has been lifted off me, thanks to you. It has been a nightmare trying so hard to feed everyone and keep us warm. I never, never want to be like this again. As I have been struggling to cope, my children have become more anxious and it seemed there was no way out of the situation. Thank you for caring enough to help us. This will get us through the month. My children are just amazed by how kind you are. You have not only given us fresh food and electric, you have given us hope for the future. Thank you."

Help Next Door

18th March 2021

Help Next Door
After a request for help was made from a referring organisation, one of our local Advocates helped to post a request on behalf of a gentleman and his family. Here is the request:

"This man has a wife and new-born child with severe allergy problems and is living in a flat with damp problems. The council has a house lined up for them but they need kitchen/bathroom flooring that can be cleaned easily to keep down the allergens. Although he is working he has no spare cash. We will try to get off-cuts so the money goes as far as it can. It will be a great help to give this family a fresh start in their new home."

The Advocate has recently gone onto say to our Head Office Team that he was very grateful for the referral:

"I’m so glad we could help with this. It turns out the dad works in the newsagent next door to our church office and I had had a heart for them for some time, but had no idea of their situation. It’s such a great opportunity and I really pray that we can get to know the family well. His wife has suffered for 15 years with allergies and his 6-month old baby was in hospital for ages with allergies taking all sorts of medicine. We pray that we can help."

It is wonderful to hear stories where those that need help from Acts 435 are just next door to an Advocate that can help.

The Tools to Keep Working

22nd February 2021

The Tools to Keep Working
This message came directly from the local Acts 435 Advocate in the North-West, who has been supporting a gentleman in a desperate situation:

"Thank you so much for your help to buy tools for this man. We discovered him depressed and at rock bottom financially. His work as a handyman had dried up due to lockdown and then his mum died so he sold his tools to pay for her funeral. But with your help he has bought tools and can start working again, with his self-esteem restored.

He says “I'm kind of speechless. Many people have promised to help but so many have not. But you have helped and given me such a boost to my self-esteem and cheered me up. I've been so down recently and it's good for me to be feeling happy for a change and that's thanks to you. So I thank you and really do appreciate you even listening to me let alone helping. Thank you so much.”

The Gift of Freedom

15th February 2021

The Gift of Freedom
The request for this lady was for a second-hand mobility scooter, to give her the freedom to go outside again. She was so overwhelmed by the generosity of donors, she wrote this heart-warming message:

"I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all the people involved in the work in raising funds to enable me to buy a mobility scooter. I can't tell you enough how thankful I am. I feel I must give you a little bit of the background for you to fully appreciate what I'm saying:

I have been in isolation since February 2020 following a major operation and my extreme complex health issues, plus of course Covid-19. On 1st December, I then had to step in and help my ex-husband following the total collapse of his hip. Having no one else to call for help, he turned to me. After his hospital stay and a new hip, I found myself a full-time carer with no support from anywhere. He has late stage cancer and is very poorly. We have been locked down together since.

I must tell you what a difference this scooter is going to make. It is a lifesaver, I think for both of us. He will get some peace, and I will get some much needed rest and freedom, even for a little while. To be able to pop to the shops, to see some other faces and get some fresh air.

My poor dogs, while all this has been going on they have been pushed right to the back. They haven't been able to go out for months. So I would also like to send a big heartfelt thank you, on their behalf. They will be extremely grateful. Maybe even lose a little bit of the fat they gained due to the lack of exercising. I don't know where I would have been this year without them.

To be able to go to the shops, take the dogs over to the park. More than everything else to have my independence. I know this will affect my physical and mental wellbeing. It will give me the incentive to go out, have a purpose to get dressed and maybe put on a little bit of lippy. It will help me to get out of these four walls and the stress of the environment, to be able to spend some time just for me and the dogs. It will help me to put things in perspective and just relax.

This is huge. I am truly looking forward to the day that it arrives, which should be very soon. Once again I would like to say a huge thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I am extremely, and will be forever, grateful for everything you have done for me."

The Gift of Worthiness

10th February 2021

The Gift of Worthiness
T is 16 and until recently was homeless. She has now been given temporary accommodation, but until her Universal Credit income came through she had no money to live on. The charity supporting her in Halifax were able to give her food, but with nothing else they sought the help of Acts 435 donors for her bills and other living costs.

The request was quickly met, and this is what the Acts 435 Advocate had to say:

"On behalf of T, words fail us - getting this money will give her the stability and support we as care workers couldn't possibly offer. T's start in life has been awful and she has felt very alone. Your donation, from a total stranger with nothing to gain, made our client cry with thankfulness and the knowledge that she was worthy! Words aren't enough but thank you - you really have given T a gift, not just of money but the reminder that she is worthy."

An extra helping hand when needed most

7th January 2021

An extra helping hand when needed most
We've recently received an email from one Advocate who was overwhelmed by the extra help given to his recipient from a local carpet company. The Advocate had posted two requests for a lady desperately needing carpet. Here is just one of them:

"A landing carpet is required for this young family that have finally found a forever home after years of fleeing one refuge after another over 2 counties. This woman has been severely abused and raped, and was left with life threatening injuries. As she recovers with her four children she is seeking your help to carpet the landing so her children are safe. Their new home is unfurnished and uncarpeted so she is in a dire situation. Can you help her this Christmas and give her new year a good start? Thank you."

After receiving the money for both carpets the Advocate contacted the carpet company to arrange fitting. He said:

"When the carpet company heard the situation regarding this order, and where the money was coming from, he advised the Case Officer he would personally give them a better quality of carpet for the same price, so it would last longer. It's news like this that makes me want to believe that there is hope for the less fortunate than ourselves, and for the humane side of us to shine through."

What a fantastic story of those going that extra mile, especially at this challenging time for businesses.

A timely gift of childcare costs

11th December 2020

A timely gift of childcare costs
Often, for an Acts 435 Recipient, it isn't just about the item but also about being shown love and care at a hard time.

A mum is suffering from depression due to her husband leaving her a year ago. She has been off work for a while but has recently had to go back part-time. She has been finding it hard to manage childcare costs due to the delay in support from Universal Credit - as they have a large waiting time. She knew she needed at least £80 to cover childcare costs, and the local Advocate had requested a bit more to also help with fuel to get to work.

The request was met, and the money given to the Advocate, who could inform her the need had been met:

"This lady was so overwhelmed when I called to let her know she had got the help with childcare, the same morning that her childcare bills had just come through! She just couldn't believe it because normally her bill is about £80 but this one was £150, exactly the amount we had asked for. She was blown away. She also said she had just finished the Alpha Course but she was finding it hard to see God as she hasn't had an experience. Then this happened, and she was just blown away! Thank you so much."

A story to tell to my children

26th October 2020

A story to tell to my children

L gave birth to twin boys, but did not have adequate sleeping space for them. She was having to alternate them between a pram and a Moses basket, one in each as the new guidelines state they should not sleep together, but this was obviously not ideal. Her health visitor was keen that she should seek a better, more permanent solution, but L could not afford the cost of two cots and mattresses. The local church asked their Acts 435 Advocate to post a request, and L soon had beds for both of her precious babies. She was moved to tears that strangers should want to help her...

"Your generosity and help has been mind-blowing. You only know about a little of my situation, but what a difference you have made. I was so emotional that my babies have cots to sleep in. When they are old enough to understand I will tell them how generous strangers, through ACTS 435, enhanced our lives. Thank you again."

Food for the table

16th October 2020

Food for the table

C had a well paid job and was able to service his debts. However, due to a change in circumstances, he then had to take a lower paid job and found he was no longer able to pay them. This had a detrimental effect on his health. He sought help from a local debt charity who helped him to manage his money better, but he needed help to pay for a Debt Relief Order which would give him a fresh start and help him on the road to recovery. When his Advocate told him that Acts 435 donors had paid the fee, he asked to send this message:

"I am writing to say a massive thank you for your help in paying the £90 for my case to go to court for my Debt Relief Order. Life has been very difficult and we got ourselves in a terrible situation; you helping us with the £90 is not a small gesture, it is a massive gift in our eyes. We could not have raised this money and can only thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have been living on £53 a month to cover food between two adults, and have had to use our local food bank who have stood by us all the way through! We are now hoping that our lives can become a little easier, we will be able to start to live and buy food to put on the table again. Thank you again for your kindness."

No longer struggling alone

28th September 2020

No longer struggling alone

R is a 31 year old refugee mum with a 3 year old and a newborn. She had been given housing in Leeds but had no small appliances and very limited funds to purchase anything. She is being supported through a charity called Meeting Point in Leeds, but they were limited in what they could provide. An Acts 435 based at the charity posted an Acts 435 request on their behalf, for help to purchase basic items such as a microwave, an iron and a toaster. When R received the gifts from Acts 435 donors she has asked to send this message in return...

"Thank you so much for your donations, they have made it possible for me to have the items that I really needed with a small child and newborn baby. It will make it more possible for me to manage with cooking and will save me time, giving me more precious time with my children. I appreciate that you are being generous and helping me so I don't have to struggle. Being on my own and having two little ones can be hard, but I feel like I now have people in my life who care and the support I have received through Acts 435 and Meeting Point has been incredible. Thank you so very much and God Bless You all."