Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

What the Donors Say

Acts 435 was a great way to use the winter fuel allowance that I didn't need. By giving it away, I was able to help a disabled lady in Nottingham get a wardrobe, and provide a cooker for a single mother. This is the great joy of ACTS 435 giving – you know exactly what your donation achieved, it is personal and real.

Donor A

I am so thankful to you [advocates at Acts 435 participating churches and charities] for taking the time to send us these letters of thanks. We ought not to want thanks and of course that isn't why we help. It is a great privilege to be able to help and to feel that we can make a difference to someone's life. It's wonderful to know that we have by getting this confirmation. It also encourages us to do it again.

Donor B

Personal Connection Changes a Life

When an Acts 435 applicant receives the money/item, the church and charity advocates are able to post a message of thanks from the applicant which then goes to those donors who gave to that particular request. This is what Donor B is referring to. This tool connects donors and applicants in a wonderfully direct way whilst maintaining confidentiality – for Donor C this led to an amazing opportunity to help someone in need, not just once, but three times.

When Donor C received a thank you message after helping a young lady 'Angela' top up her gas and electric and buy a week's food while she waited for her benefits to be sorted, that personal connection was made. This led her to contact the Acts 435 office asking if any further assistance was needed for Angela and she was then able to help with a further request for food and heating and then, on learning that Angela was in debt, a debt relief order.

What difference was made? The advocate sums it up:

Christians Against Poverty successfully applied for a Debt Relief Order for her last week and this has cleared most of her debts – she just has a court fine for Council Tax left which she will be able to pay off quite quickly. In addition at last her housing benefit has been sorted so she should now be able to manage much better. I think she is pinching herself – she thinks she is dreaming!

Donor C never met 'Angela' but she knew she had helped her directly. In her words:

I am so pleased that we can give to people who actually require their needs to be met. God blesses so that we all can be a blessing to somebody else – we do not need to know who, but God does.