Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

£120 needed for an MOT, Service & Tyres

From Liskeard - 24 years old.

This young single mum is in need of financial help. Her car is due an MOT in 2 weeks, but she doesn't have enough to cover the cost. She needs the car for her community care work but due to irregular hours & low income, she can't make ends meet. She is seeking help from Christians Against Poverty. She has had a very tough upbringing, an abusive ex-partner & is trying to make her own way. She's not closed to God, is open to prayer & idea of church, but due to her past, it's not easy- Acts 435 would be a great testimony of love.

This request has already been donated to in full. We hope you will consider giving to another request instead. Thank you.

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