Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Giving Packages

Some of our donors comment that they would prefer not to choose from a list of needs but instead give regularly and let us do the allocating. For others it is purely a question of time - they would rather be giving regularly and supporting people in need on a more general basis than not give at all because they couldn't find the time to visit our website and read through the needs.

We have listened to our donors. We want to offer you a way to give regularly but in a more targeted way. Choose to give to an Acts 435 Giving Package.

Set up a standing order to Acts 435 and we will allocate your donation to requests that fit into the area of need you would most like to support from the options below. Please note that standing orders will not appear in your registered account if you have a log-in on our website and you will not receive thank you emails from recipients if you give in this way.

'Support a Family'

With this giving package, you'll be supporting young families over the hurdles that make life really hard, including:

  • Children's clothes and shoes
  • Food/cooker to enable healthy cooking
  • Bed/cot or other children-related furniture
  • Baby accessories such as pushchair, stair gate

'Free from Debt'

With this giving package, you'll be helping people to escape from the crippling effects of debt by, for example:

  • Bringing someone out of debt with a debt relief order
  • Meeting arrears to clear a debt causing someone distress

'Change a life'

With this giving package, you'll be helping people to step up to a new life - such as a job or a place to live:

  • Help to secure a job eg. clothes, travel to interview
  • Help to get off the streets eg. rent deposit

'Help through a Crisis'

With this giving package, you'll support someone through a point in their life when the light at the end of the tunnel seems a long way off, such as:

  • When illness strikes and finances are impacted
  • Fleeing domestic violence and life collapses around you
  • Flood victims

'Lift a Burden'

This giving package helps you to change someone's life by providing a solution to a difficult problem like:

  • Washing machine where washing by hand/difficult trips to launderette
  • Bike to ease getting to places/bus pass
  • Some item that can just lift a great burden off someone eg. keeping car on the road and enabling someone to still get to work

If you would like to support people in need in this way, please complete the attached standing order form and send to us to be processed. Thank you for choosing to support Acts 435 in this way.

Giving Package – notification of standing order

If you plan to set up your own standing order to support a giving package, please use the following details:

Account name: Acts 435
Account number: 25338623
Sort code: 05-09-94

... and then let us know you have done so by completing this form so we can ensure your donation is used according to your wishes.