Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Gifts in Kind

When visiting our website, you may see items being requested and know that you have a perfectly good washing machine, pushchair, bicycle, etc. that you would be willing to donate.

Acts 435 is focused on getting fast, financial, practical help to those who need it rather than supplying actual goods. We do encourage our advocates to make sure they are acquainted with the local furniture re-use stores both for goods available without charge, and to source the items they may post Acts 435 requests for. We seek to work in coordination with other charities to avoid duplication and maximise efficiency.

Neither Acts 435 nor the local Acts 435 participating churches and charities have storage facilities to receive items offered in donation. We run with a very small Head Office function so even if you have an item and live in the same town or city as the person requesting one, we are unable to coordinate matching your gifted item with the need. We realise this may be frustrating but we simply do not have the capacity to manage this. Thank you for your understanding.

Please see our links page for other organisations that may be able to make use of any goods you wish to donate.