Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

For those who follow Lent from Ash Wednesday to Easter, the concept of fasting from something, or sacrificing something will be familiar. Chocolate is a popular thing to give up during Lent as is caffeine. A friend of mine gave up Facebook last Lent!

The Archbishop of York this week reflected on the huge sacrifice that the widow of Zarephath made in giving up some of the small amount of food she had for Elijah. What an inspiration for us.

As we focus this week on Little Acts of Sacrifice, I would like to invite you to sacrifice something this week and with the money you have saved, choose to help someone through Acts 435. We have live requests at the moment for some of the most basic things - a bed, clothes, and food. If 20 people sacrifice their lunch one day (and bring sandwiches from home or even fast) and gave that £5 saved to a request, the full £100 for one of these requests would be met (or less than 20 people for the smaller requests!).

20 people making a little act of sacrifice means a person in need gets a bed to sleep in, not just for one day, but every day going forwards. What an impact! What a long way that £5 gift can go.

'A Girl Called Jack' who blogs on her experience of poverty and the amazing, economical meals she manages to prepare on a tiny budget, recently set a similar challenge. She explained what a sacrifice of a £3 latte could buy at Sainsburys to provide a whopping 22 meals for someone in poverty!

Can I encourage you to consider accepting Jack Monroe's challenge and get down to your local supermarket to buy some food for your local Foodbank or consider that financial gift to a request of your choice. I guarantee it will be a sacrifice worth making and the effect will be multiplied through God's grace.