Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

The Bible is clear that 'faith without deeds is dead' (James 2:17) and Jesus leaves us in little doubt about his opinion in Luke 6:49 - "the one who listens and does nothing is like the man who built his house on soil, with no foundations, the rain came and it collapsed".

We live in an environment dominated by words, arguably even more so with the rise of social media. Think of the sheer amount of words available as content and information on the Internet and how that in turn is shared, and added to, through Facebook, Twitter and many other platforms.

Often I feel bad that I have not been better at getting in contact with people - I don't post enough on Facebook, my email correspondence outside of work is paltry, I even fail on the most basic phone calls - but actually, if all those words are not occurring because I am too busy doing, is that wrong?

I don't have time for words because I am busy balancing motherhood and full-time work. Both of those, especially motherhood, are made up of thousands of little acts every single day which together can hopefully go a long way to develop healthy, successful individuals.

And yet, even then, we need to make space for what Catholic priest Henri Nouwen describes as 'patient action', to recognise opportunities in the moment to act and not let ourselves get overburdened by the challenges of our everyday lives. I like that idea - a time each day to just stop and listen to God and sense where the Holy Spirit might be leading me and what little act He might want me to do today to bless someone.