Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

One of the new partnerships we are very excited about is with an organisation called Welcome Churches. We have asked them to write a little introduction about their work to tell you more:

“In recent weeks we have seen refugees and asylum seekers feature in our media once again as many have made the dangerous journey across the English Channel to seek safety on our shores. No matter how we feel about the politics surrounding this issue, the Bible instructs us to welcome the stranger, the foreigner, the orphan and the widow with love and compassion.

Refugees leave their homes, families, jobs, communities… their whole lives behind. Many have experienced severe trauma, loss and distress. Arriving in a new country can add to the trauma and stress refugees experience. When asylum seekers and refugees first arrive in the UK they often feel isolated. They can be unsure how to access services or find a place to belong.

Welcome Churches exists to see every refugee welcomed by their local church. No matter where your church is, there is something that you can do to welcome refugees. For every new arrival in the UK to be welcomed, each church would need to welcome just one refugee a year. Our Welcome Network identifies churches around the UK who are committed to welcoming refugees. This means that as refugees and asylum seekers move around the UK, they can easily find a church to welcome them into the community.

To hear more about the Welcome Network, whether to explore joining or to refer a refugee you might know, please visit

We receive many requests for help on behalf of refugees through some of our existing Advocates, and we are excited about the possibility of being a resource for those in the Welcome Churches network as they seek to welcome refugees into their communities.

Welcome Churches