Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

We never cease to be amazed at the generosity of our donors. This past week has been no exception.

We thought it might be a nice idea to run an appeal over Easter. A focus on those needing a #freshstart seemed apt, in keeping with Easter's themes of hope and new life. Over the years of running Acts 435, I have seen many requests where the money coming from Acts 435 is just what is required to make that important step forward to a new life, such as those moving on from homelessness, or fleeing domestic violence.

So we set out to meet 30 applicable requests on Monday 21st March, adding a further 10 in the course of the week. Would people respond to our invitation?
Did we ever need to doubt it?! By Good Friday, all 40 had been met. It seems fitting to hit that target of many giving to help others start afresh at the same time we mark that moment when Jesus gave everything for us as he died on the Cross.

You didn't stop there though. By Easter Sunday you had met a total of 46 requests for a fresh start- every single applicable request that we had available on our site!

This was also the week that Radio 4 did a feature on a lady called Mel who is an excellent example of someone given a fresh start thanks to Acts 435. Please see her story below, as conveyed by the Acts 435 advocate.

With such kindness, such enthusiasm to help, it seems clear to me what my post-Easter challenge must be. To convince more churches across the country that Acts 435 really does work and that they are really missing out on tapping into this resource to help people in their local community too. This is our message of Easter joy - a small gift really can make a significant difference for someone in poverty and together we are making an impact for many in crisis every day.


Mel's Story

Mel was at rock bottom, living on the street,sleeping in a car park, following failed relationships,bereavement and job losses. Somehow she had fallen through the net of two councils with nobody taking responsibility for her. She ate at soups runs,the Salvation Army and Routes to Roots drop ins.

Unbelievably her bank were deducting half her Universal Credit from her as she had beenĀ£1 overdrawn. All the time she was applying for the financial jobs, that she was well qualified for, in an attempt to find her own way out of her situation, without having to admit to friends and estranged family what had happened to her.

Acts 435 donations enabled her to have 6 nights bed and breakfast in the coldest winter nights but that was only a temporary solution to her hopeless circumstances. An incident in the car park prompted a further 2 donations from Acts 435 to house her in bed and breakfast and finally into a permanent charitable Hope Housing hostel. At Hope Housing she will be helped to make her way back to normality, sort out her finances and have support with her job search.

There is still a long way for Mel to go but if it hadn't been for Acts 435 donations Mel would still be in a pitiful state in the car park.Incidentally, the kind donations were also able to pay for a bus pass to enable Mel to carry on visiting her Routes to Roots and Salvation Army connections during this transitional time. She is very grateful to Acts435 ..a life saver!

If you would like to know more about her story, Radio 4 broadcast a half hour programme called Untold Stories on Monday 21st March (Janet is the Acts 435 advocate)

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