Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

When you read through the requests on our website, you can't help but reflect on how fragile we are and how vulnerable to shocks that arise, whether that be ill health, losing a job, a relationship breakdown, or other knocks in life that throw us off course.

This week we have seen what that looks like on a dramatic scale through images of the volcano Fuego in Guatemala spewing out its lava, ash and rock and destroying everything in its path. My husband is Guatemalan and I lived there for 6 years. In fact we established a school in a very poor rural community, in the skirts of Fuego. They have been saved the fury of Fuego but the pyroclastic flow could just as easily have gone in their direction. Each week we would drive through El Rodeo (the affected area where many have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods). These are entire communities of people living in poverty, vulnerable and with so few resources to recover from such a shock. They will need a lot of support and I hope they receive it.

People living in UK poverty may not need to fear an erupting volcano. They do, however, live life on the jagged edge (as I have written about before following the Boxing Day floods of 2015), and struggle to cope with any unexpected event. The bed breaks, a family member falls ill, the car needs repairing, This is happening to thousands of people in the UK and desperation sets in.

Right now we have 270 people who are reaching out to Acts 435 in their hour of need. In spite of our contacts in Guatemala, I feel helpless to do anything to really make a difference to the people there. In the UK, however, there is something immensely practical I can do. Step in to a situation and bless someone. See how a small gift can make a big difference. Will you join me today in supporting one of these needs?

We focus on Unemployment this month and here are a few live requests in that category, but do take a look at all the needs and consider whether you can step in to help.

£90 needed for food/gas/electric/household goods

A client who has recently moved into supported housing following youth homelessness is struggling to set up home. He has a job interview this week to get his life back on track however in the interim period is struggling to afford day to day items as he has no source of income. My client is trying to get back on his feet however needs to access financial support to be able to do this.

£90 needed for oven

This family of mum, dad and five children are living on benefits. Mum is now trying to get work as dad has been unsuccessful. Their oven broke down a while ago and they have been told it can't be repaired. They are looking for a second hand oven but need help to purchase one. They are currently using a gas hob but would manage family meals better with an oven.

£60 needed for Help with travel costs

Due to being on benefit I have been struggling to pay bills and buy food and have no money for travel expenses. I attend regular appointments/job search sessions which I find difficult as I cannot afford the bus fares to get there and become very isolated which effects my mental state. As a result of this I become very anxious and I am unable to sleep. If I was able to get some help with travel fares I will be able to access support in my area feeling more in control of my situation.

£100 needed for a washing machine

This client was referred to us by his housing association. He lives alone and is in receipt of JSA. He is volunteering and desperately trying to get back into work and is attending interviews so it is important he is well presented. His washing machine broke beyond repair a number of months ago and he has been trying to save for a new one, but this is difficult as he is spending money on travel to interviews and to the laundrette. He would really appreciate any help to get him back on his feet.

We are so grateful for your interest in and support for the work of Acts 435.