Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

This press release was sent out by the Office of the Archbishop of York on 21st June 2018.

Together We Can Reach 15,000

Acts 435 is encouraging all churches to partner with them to help 15,000 people ahead of the school summer holidays.

Acts 435, an online charity, works to help people in UK poverty with a specific item they need - perhaps a bed or a cooker. Sometimes they just need the cash to survive - to pay off arrears on a utility bill or rent, or perhaps afford essential travel costs, or to cover costs whilst moving onto Universal Credit.

Acts 435 was officially launched by the Archbishop of York Dr. John Sentamu in July 2010. In March 2015, it had helped 5,000 people with their specific need. Only two years later, in March 2017, it had reached 10,000 and as it reaches its eighth anniversary, it is set to have helped an astounding 15,000 people across the UK.

Alan Littlewood, an Acts 435 advocate in Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire explains how Acts 435 has helped his church connect with the local community said: “As things have ‘taken off’ here with Acts 435, it has really opened our eyes to the difficulties that so many in our community face, and many people are getting quite passionate about doing more to help. It has certainly made us more outward looking, which is good for the church and good for the community.

Those helped include Derek who could not afford to visit his wife, Kate, in hospital after suffering serious burns to her face following an accident in her home. £60 was raised through Acts 435 to fund a week's bus pass which lifted such a burden. Derek started coming to church and has attended every week since he was helped. The couple witnessed the practical love of the church in action which has impacted them both deeply.

A Sudanese family with several young children were living in a small high-rise flat with no bedding at all. They were delighted to have the church apply for funding and when the advocates arrived with bedding for the entire family their beautiful smiles lit up the flat!

Jenny Herrera, Executive Director, said: “When Acts 435 launched in July 2010 it was really ahead of its time. Today research shows that donors want to give to a direct cause, know exactly where their money is going, and when it has been spent. Acts 435 provides all of this with the extra bonus that every penny, goes to the people you choose to help. Administration costs are covered entirely by Gift Aid receipts.

If your church wants to partner with us, to post requests and/or to support the needs financially, please contact us for resources to help make that happen. We would love to have more donor-focused advocates at this time in our growth.

For God loves a cheerful giver” 2 Corinthians 9:7

Then they would give the money to each as any had need” Acts 4:35

Together We Can Reach 15,000