Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Everyone is talking about those in our nation struggling at the moment whether it's homelessness, Food Banks, benefits squeezes, etc. etc. We expect many more requests to be posted as a result. The vulnerable, in particular, can be helped as long as those meeting with them know about Acts 435. That's our challenge - to keep getting that word spread.

An advocate in Sheffield is making just such key contacts and this week received the following feedback from one of those agencies through which a request had been referred.

The 2 clients you delivered money for on Monday were delighted. They said the worry was now lifted and they could enjoy Christmas. They have also agreed to our money support worker visiting in the new year to help them to budget...and if anyone offers them any money the both say no together.

I also picked up a letter that had been sent by one of the loan companies offering them a loan for Christmas- even though the company was also sending out default letters to them as they had not paid their previous loan.

To date, with the donations received via Acts 435 the amount of debt that has been written off via insolvency is £65,003.89.

Please give my sincere thanks to those who have donated on behalf of my clients, they are vulnerable members of society and not being in debt gives them a new start and a brighter future.

If you were ever in any doubt, this shows how a £90 request can make a massive difference. Praise God!