Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Jesus used a parable that serves as perhaps the most clear call to action in Matthew 25:31-46. He describes a separation between the sheep (going to heaven) and the goats (facing eternal punishment). The particular acts listed are actually small ones - no huge challenges like bringing down an oppressive regime or solving the problems of world hunger.

We have:

  • giving food to the hungry
  • giving drink to the thirsty
  • welcoming the stranger
  • clothing the naked
  • visiting the sick
  • going to see those in prison

Jesus gives an amazing summary of the ills in our society today. Not just those struggling financially without enough food or money for clothing, but those isolated and lonely because they don't know anyone or are sick. Nor are we to sideline those in prison - they too need to receive love, perhaps more than anyone, especially if they are going to successfully reintegrate into society once released. What wonderful, practical tips if we are wondering how to help those in need at this time, whether directly, or indirectly by giving money to charities working at home or overseas.

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