Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

On returning from maternity leave, I am struck by the number of requests for help and what a variety of needs there are. But what an encouragement to see the difference Acts 435 continues to make to those struggling financially. Stories like these remind us how a small amount can make a significant difference to people who find themselves in difficult and often unexpected circumstances:

  • A New Man!

    Brian is so happy and grateful for the help he has been given. Acts 435 donors gave £80 to enable him to purchase a cheap suit and chef's clothing for a new job he has just secured. He relocated a year ago on the promise of a job that didn't materialise due to company cutbacks and then suffered depression and the knock-on effect on his finances. He's now ready to start his new job and to make a fresh start in life. He says "I feel like a man again, a man with a future. This help has given me a much needed lift and I feel at peace and relaxed for the first time in a couple of years. My faith never weakened though my joy was waning, but now, my cup runneth over and my heart sings. THANK YOU"

  • Beds for children now living with Grandma

    This lady was asked by social services to take her 4 grandchildren in on a residency order. As such she suddenly found herself in need of beds for the two youngest. Acts 435 donors responded, She says she has never been shown such kindness from people who do not know her. Acts 435 has helped her to regain her dignity and support her grandchildren. So A Big Thank You to all!