Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

When we think of the stories in the Bible, I think we would all agree it is full of some huge acts – acts of great courage, acts of massive sacrifice, acts of love. We have characters like Moses leading the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt, Abraham leaving his home country, not to mention being prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. We have Daniel prepared to face the den of lions rather than deny God and prophets who have given up everything to serve the Lord. In the New Testament, the big acts continue, with the disciples leaving everything to follow Jesus, and of course the supreme act – Jesus’ death upon the cross.

We perhaps have to look a little closer to find those little acts that have gone a long way because they are there (and who’s to say there aren’t a million others that haven’t been mentioned in the Bible but happened through every part of that history).

The only miracle to be mentioned in all four gospels involved a little act by one young boy who chose to give up the food he had with him. A small act (though perhaps huge to him personally at the time) – the sacrifice of his lunch of 5 loaves and 2 small fish – but what an impact that had. To the utter disbelief of Jesus’ disciples, that lunch fed 5,000 people! What better example to kick start our “Little Acts Go a Long Way” campaign.

That little boy could never have imagined how his little act would be transformed into something so big. Isn’t that often the way? When we look back at our lives, sometimes it is the small things we have done that have brought about the biggest changes … in the pattern of our lives, in our relationships, in our general well-being, in the lives of those around us.

It is easy to look at those giants of the faith, listed in Hebrews 11, and feel helpless to do anything for God. I am bringing up a young family – I couldn’t possibly lead people out of slavery, fight great battles and leave everything behind to serve God. I could, however, do small things and our experience at Acts 435 is that those small acts can go a very long way indeed.

That little boy didn't know that his small act would result in such a powerful (and practical) miracle. He just did as he felt led to do, and God took over from there. We know his love is wide and deep, we know he can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:18, 20), so this concept of our acts going further shouldn't come as a surprise to us.

Little acts go a long way.