Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

This is the last week in our 'Little Acts go a Long Way' campaign and at my church yesterday I was encouraged to hear evidence of the impact of Acts 435. Yesterday was CAP Sunday and as our Christians Against Poverty Centre Manager shared with the congregation about the impact CAP is having, special mention was given to Acts 435.

She shared the stories of 4 CAP clients and for one of these, she read out a letter he had written to her, thanking her for all her help and support. In the middle of the letter he said, "I want to especially thank you for enabling me to see my son at Christmas". The travel costs had been given by Acts 435 donors enabling him to travel and collect his son to spend time with him last Christmas and then be able to return him to his mother.

This was a reminder to me that the support Acts 435 provides is often a real boost to people in need and not a mere drop in the ocean as some might think. He was thanking our Centre Manager for all her work with him on the process of budgeting, getting out of debt and making huge changes in his lifestyle, and yet that gift of just £75 was specifically mentioned, specifically remembered, something tangible.

It's a good way to start our last week. They are often very little acts but they go deep.