Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Jesus showed us how to live among the poor, how to love them and show compassion for them. The church's most effective tool today to reduce poverty is still that of the personal touch, caring for people as individuals in their uniqueness.

In Christianity Today this month Mark Galli has written about the very encouraging results with regard to reducing world poverty. Macro economics has a lot to do with this, especially the progress in China and India thanks to impressive economic growth. As it did for the West a century or more ago, this growth in the developing world is now trickling down to the lowest economic strata of those societies.

It's easy to wonder what we can do to make a difference as we hear cries of increasing poverty in the UK. Thankfully, as Galli says, "We are not called to obey Jesus only if our efforts are guaranteed to make a difference." Acts 435 is not making a difference to the level of UK poverty. The government is the largest player controlling that.

"The church is there to pick up the inevitable pieces of people trampled by government regulations, of people who get left behind" concludes Galli. What a responsibility we have, one that churches up and down the country are seeking to address. Acts 435 is just one tool available to them as they seek to care for each individual in whatever way they can.

That might include purchasing a microwave for someone just rehoused after years living on the streets or stepping in to provide funding for urgent house repairs for a lady currently unemployed and unable to fund it herself. These are just 2 live requests on the Acts 435 website at the moment. Take this opportunity to care for an individual today and know you are making a difference in their life by giving online to a request for help.

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