Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Acts 435, the online giving charity, which Dr John Sentamu is the patron of, is celebrating ten years since the launch of its unique website. The charity’s website enables donors to give directly to individuals who are in poverty or crisis situations, through a network of over 350 local churches and charities all over the UK.

The Archbishop said of the charity, “I am pleased that churches have seen what a difference online giving to a person in need has made for some of the most vulnerable people in society”.

Since its beginning in 2010 Acts 435 has helped over 22,000 people with £2,172,000 of online donations, which are given directly to the need of the individual. These needs vary - from cookers and beds, to ID documents and travel to hospital appointments, all of which are vital needs of those living in UK poverty today.

This commemorative milestone has come at a time where official celebrations have been postponed. However Acts 435 continues to resource churches and charities who are on the frontline of the current pandemic, and helps to provide over 400 much needed items a month to those in need at this critical time.

One such person was known to a local charity in Haverhill, Suffolk. She was struggling to pay for the rental on a fridge-freezer, and her support at home had ceased due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Helping to provide her with a fridge-freezer stopped her from accruing debt, and provided her with a much-needed lifeline in a crisis situation.

Acts 435 continues to provide this kind of support for churches and charities all over the UK, such as The Noah’s Ark Centre in Halifax. Lesley, a volunteer there recently said, “Just to say that Acts 435 is being valued more than ever by the people we meet. The requests we are listing are coming from other charities we work alongside and they cannot believe the work Acts 435 does. Acts 435 is without a doubt a lifeline in these unsettling times.”

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Contact: Katie Greene, Communications Officer, Acts 435,, 07736935836