Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

There is Mr Hossain who is now able to have food and heating on over the next few weeks thanks to £100 from Acts 435. He has no income, is very unwell and has been absolutely desperate in recent weeks. The advocate recounts how his face lit up when he received the money. "For most of us £100 wouldn't go very far, for him it is literally a lifeline and one he is so grateful for", she writes.

Then there is the Gran who can now see her grandchildren this Christmas. In order to save money for this possibility, she had turned off her heating - as I fear many others are doing across the UK. Now she can warm her freezing flat, so crucial for her health, and go and visit her family. In such conditions, just £85 may have saved her life or a hospital visit because she looked terribly ill and cold when the church advocate saw her.

Touching, heart-warming and shocking at the same time that people can be suffering in this way. I commend all those who are working to lobby change so that the poor and vulnerable are not further marginalised. Meanwhile, I am thankful to see Acts 435 is being utilised by the churches to provide significant help to individuals and families. Let's pray for all those suffering this Christmas, that they may have hope for a better future.