Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

On the 12th July, 2010 the Archbishop of York formally launched Acts 435 to operate at a national level.  We are very excited about the new opportunities to enable churches across the country to reach out to those in need in their communities.  The launch was a great success with powerful and moving stories from those who have been helped by Acts 435 as well as reports from church advocates of how satisfying it is to be able to help those in need.  New churches are showing interest and we soon hope to have requests from all across the nation as Acts 435 reaches out to those in need in these difficult financial times.  We also rejoice in an increase in donors and are thankful for the generosity of individuals who follow the message of Acts 435 - to give of what they have to those who find themselves in need.

We've now gone live so please sign up if your church is interested or give online if you want to contribute to the needs of others.