Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

On Sunday 22nd February I made the journey to St. Michael's and All Angels Church on the border of Newton and West Kirby, in the Wirral. St. Michael's was a lovely, welcoming church. I really enjoyed worshipping there. There are many such havens dotted across the country - warm, welcoming places of community.

Yet, if these havens hope to reach out to their local community, they need to step out into it.

It was a long way to drive from York to the Wirral. I don't usually go out speaking on Acts 435, even less doing sermons and missing attending my own church with my family. So my prayer as I drove there was that I would meet a 'potential advocate' to connect St. Michael's to the most needy in the Wirral.

God did not disappoint. I was delighted when after the service I met a mother and daughter already heavily involved in the Wirral Foodbank, really enthusiastic about Acts 435, and with various connections with other churches. I left with the conviction that a seed has been sown that will grow to be a significant Acts 435 presence in the Wirral. I really hope I'm right.

I pray that God may guide me as to how such seeds can be effectively planted elsewhere too so that more and more people in need can be connected to local assistance in a loving and caring environment.

I am getting increasing numbers of people in need contacting me to ask for help - sadly there are still far too many occasions where I've had to say that as a charity we cannot assist because we do not have a local participating church or charity on the ground in that area.

Speaking at St. Michael and All Angels
Speaking at St. Michael and All Angels
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