Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

We have some wonderful opportunities to spread the word about Acts 435 this weekend and tell the nation about how those in need are receiving direct, fast, practical help through their local churches and Acts 435 donors. 5pm on the 5th August, BBC 2, sees us featured on 'Songs of Praise' and to mark it I will be interviewed on Radio York (8:10am, Sunday) and Acts 435 advocate Henry Wilson will be interviewed on Radio Suffolk (8:20am, Sunday) to talk about it all.

I am so excited about this opportunity. As I see success stories and donor thank you messages going out, it is amazing to see what a real difference Acts 435 is making in the lives of individuals and families in the UK. My wish is for many more people to hear about it too. Listen to this:

When a local advocate in Barnsley posted a request for help with van hire and a driver to help an applicant move house, she was unsure if they would get the request due to the short notice but faithful Acts 435 donors responded. The 60 year old applicant stood to lose some of her benefits if she didn't downsize her home but when a house had been identified for her, she was given very little time to find the funds to move into it. She wishes to thank all who pulled out the stops to get her the money (I am not sure who was more surprised when the advocate turned on the computer and found the request had been fulfilled - the advocate or the applicant). She had lost sleep worrying what she would do if she lost the chance to move, the consequences of losing so much of her benefits was so distressing for her. The smile on her face was wonderful to see.

It is humbling to know that Acts 435 can change lives and see it happen. A small gift really can make a significant difference,