Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Since Acts 435 was launched in October 2009 we have been able to help 13 individuals with timely donations for very practical needs. From a new washing machine to a specialist bicycle, needs have been met quickly and efficiently. If an applicant requests £80 for a certain need, the donor may be assured that if he or she gives £80 to that need, the applicant will receive 100% of that gift. That's right - there is no administration fee removed first by Acts 435. We want to ensure that those in need reap the entire benefit of a donor's generous gift.

In this unexpected cold weather, the existence of a charity like Acts 435 is opportune.  Requests such as help with utilities bills or a new heater or boiler are certainly part of our remit and we therefore enable those who are enjoying the warmth of a cosy house at this time to share that blessing by giving financially to those who are not able to enjoy such a situation.  

The pilot is progressing well, especially with the flow of funds from donor through to applicant.  This is great news.  We look forward to much more activity on the website with more requests and more funds flowing in to help those people in need in our communities.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to reach out and make a difference to someone's life.