Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

3rd Sunday in Advent and speeding towards Christmas. Another two poverty stories then as we raise awareness of the reasons people may find themselves struggling financially.

Vulnerable or Plain Unexpected
Some people are in a vulnerable situation, perhaps in terms of their accommodation, health or a family situation. Others are living life seemingly without any problems when suddenly a crisis hits, often due to ill health, and finance starts to become a real issue.

Poverty Story #5
Rachel was a young lady sanctioned because she did not attend a benefits appointment. She was moving away from a hostel at the time, in which she had been badly beaten by a gang. She then lost the flat she had arranged to move into because she could not pay the deposit and ended up sleeping rough in a bus station in winter. Rachel was in a vulnerable position and things quickly spiralled out of control.

Sanctions, especially for vulnerable people, seems to be a recurring theme in the requests posted on the Acts 435 website where one missed appointment can result in immediate cancellation of income for a month.

Poverty Story #6

Veronika works and so does her husband but suddenly her husband had a stroke and ended up in hospital with a blood clot. They were immediately one full-time income down but Veronika then needed to look after her children and find the resources to go to hospital every day to visit her husband. She could not do it and broke down when visiting the local church.

Help was at hand. The church placed an Acts 435 request for travel costs to and from hospital and then gave her access to their computers and phone so she could keep her and her husband's families informed. The telephone company she was with had cut the service because she could not pay the bill due to paying for petrol to see her husband, who had been put in an induced coma.

Thankfully Veronika's husband is now awake and slowly recovering but this story shows how something unexpected can throw everything into disarray.

It is humbling and a privilege to see Acts 435 helping people like Veronika in practical ways.