Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

A lady who personally wrote to the Patron of Acts 435, the Archbishop of York, with a need for a sewing machine was the proud owner of one just one month later thanks to the way Acts 435 operates. Through generous donors, Acts 435 was able to fulfil its mandate to 'give to anyone in need'.

The letter was dated 3rd January and was received on the 5th January at the Office of the Archbishop of York. A quick identification of the location of the applicant established which of our participating churches was closest to her. Thankfully, there was one not too far away.

The request for help was therefore referred on to the local advocate in Middlesbrough who arranged to meet with the lady and ensure the legitimacy of her need. By the 12th January, a request was posted on the website asking for £60 for a sewing machine which would enable her to perfect skills she was learning on a course to make her more employable, as well as give her something to occupy her time whilst unemployed.

Donors again responded generously as they are doing week on week for the requests posted and by the end of January the money had come in and been sent to the participating church. Grateful G received the new machine on 6th February and wrote me an email saying:

"Thank you very much for your kind and urgent attention to my request. The sewing machine was delivered today by (local advocate) and I highly appreciate the effort she put in. Please pass my humble thanks to the patron of ACTS 435. GOD BLESS YOU ALL."

By working through the already established networks of churches across the UK, Acts 435 is perfectly placed to act quickly to help those in need and make a real difference in their lives.