Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Recently the Trussell Trust launched their campaign to ask the Government to change the waiting time for those who have applied for Universal Credit. Often those who are eligible for such benefits have no savings or any financial buffer and a five week wait is leaving families without food, utilities and other basic essentials.

The Trussell Trust, who are responsible for Food Banks up and down the country, have recently seen a huge increase in the number of people accessing their Food Banks because of the five week, or often longer, wait for Universal Credit.

Acts 435 has similarly seen an increase in those needing our help since the introduction of Universal Credit, and are often receiving stories like this one:

"This lovely mum has 5 children and is trying hard to get her life back together because of high street loan debts of around £4,000. Now her benefits are being moved to Universal Credit, so there will be a delay in payment of 5 weeks. She is tearful and at the end of her tether because she has no money for food or the electricity card, but doesn't want to go to high street lenders again."

This mum had 'reached the end of her tether' whilst looking after 5 children and also trying to resolve her debts; for her, and many others, a five week wait for income is just too long.

Fortunately, Acts 435 donors stepped in to provide her with full cupboards and money for her electricity card:

"I am so grateful for your help at this time. I was already struggling with debt and trying to care for my five lovely children, then the delay in benefit payments because of the move to Universal Credit brought me to despair. I don't know how I would have managed without your help. Thank you very much."

People in UK poverty have no buffer to help them when they hit a crisis and no savings to tide them over. To expect people to wait five weeks before they receive Universal Credit is to completely disregard this reality. We are thankful that we have generous donors who help to bridge this gap and pull people back from crisis.

If you want to get involved with the #5WeeksTooLong campaign take a look at The Trussell Trust on Facebook and Twitter, as well as through their website: