Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Each year we run our appeal to make sure that children all over the UK have the correct uniform for the new school year, and that their parents who are unable to afford the cost are released from that financial pressure.

This year we are very thankful to all the generous donors who directly gave the cost of school uniform to 69 families all around the UK. Some of these families included more than one child, so the impact of the £8,850 donated reaches even further.

Not only did these donations include uniform they also included rucksacks and PE kit - giving all these children the ability to start the school year positively.
Thank you to all who donated, and here are just a few thank you messages from the local Acts 435 Advocates, and recipients:

"Mum said: 'We are so grateful to Acts 435 for their help, we want to thank you. I am so appreciative of all the help, you have made such a big difference to us.'Her 11 year old son said: 'Thank you so much, now I have new school shoes that are just like the other kids. I love my new football boots and the new school bag is great. I love maths and I really want to go to university and become a lawyer.'"

"We were so pleased to be able to go out and get J's son his uniform for this year. He is kitted out like the other children and she was so happy that he didn't need to go back in things that didn't fit any more. We even managed to get shoes and PE kit so he has everything he needs. She can relax a little bit and focus the family finances where they need to be. Thank you for helping this lovely family, you have so helped them."

"Thank you for contributing towards my twins' school uniform. This year has been so tough, possibly the worst. With a growing family we have always had to budget and save for things but we have always provided for our children. When Covid-19 caused lockdown, our lives like so many others changed. We couldn't work, had to claim benefits, about which we had no idea. We suddenly went onto monthly pay. With all this we honestly didn't know what to do. We were now getting food parcels that I felt embarrassed about getting as we’d never been in such a situation, but helped too much to let my pride stop us from getting them, we couldn't afford to say no. This is how I met someone from the church who offered help with school uniforms. I am so grateful."

"Thank you, thank you from N - she is so grateful. She lives out of the catchment of the place we use to help people with school uniforms and she was getting more and more nervous that she wouldn't be able to get uniform in time and was so anxious. You have taken all that anxiety away and she has been today to get the uniform and everything is set for school now with a week to go! Thank you so much, you have given them a little bit of peace and hope. So grateful to you."

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