Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

We believe there are a good number of churches (and people within those churches) that have heard of Acts 435 but seem to quickly discard it as not for them. The million dollar question is why?

The #OneMillionTooMany being helped by Trussell Trust Foodbanks could receive an all-important hand-up through Acts 435 support - car repairs to ensure they can still get to work, travel costs or support with bills whilst awaiting benefits, replacement cooker so they can actually cook the food provided by the Foodbank. The same could be said for those running the many other excellent ministries to people in need such as debt advice, befriending services, parish nursing, community cafes and job clubs.

Our patron, the Archbishop of York, told our advocates last year - "let's help a million". We want to, and what's more, donors want to give. So what holds churches back?

There are some legitimate reasons why a church or Foodbank may choose not to get involved - perhaps they can already meet all those needs themselves from their own church/charity budget ... or perhaps more likely, there may be capacity issues in finding the time to go that extra mile to provide help beyond food. We all know "the workers are few" and understand that this is a real issue.

But let's be clear on what is not a barrier to becoming an Acts 435 advocate:

  1. it is not onerous - a request can be posted in minutes
  2. anyone can do it - you don't have to be the Pastor or working for your church
  3. requests for help do get met - since 1st December 2015, 100%, yes 100% of our requests have been met in full within a month, many within days
  4. there is no requirement to recruit a certain number of donors or report certain statistics or have a speaker come (we can't resource that anyway!)
  5. it is free - 100% free, literature free, everything free

Can we encourage you to try it out?

Post one request through your church, see how it works and take it from there. That's what one of our newest advocates in Stockport did.

She learned of Acts 435 from another church and got in touch with us. We explained how it worked and sent her a one page Advocate Commitment we request our advocates to sign (simply confirming you'll do your best to ensure the money goes to what it was raised for, keep details confidential, etc.) which she quickly returned.

We set her up as an advocate and she posted her first request (for a cooker for a family struggling with debt) - met in hours! Her second request was met in a matter of days. Her reaction brought such a smile to my face:

"I'm amazed!! God is great!!!

What a mega ministry this is...........please send us info soon so I can get others on board."

Her enthusiasm jumps off the page - not just for how her church can use Acts 435, but to get other churches involved too. She has tested it out and seen that it works - why don't you?

Please watch our video for a summary of how Acts 435 works - don't hesitate. Email today. See below for quotes from other advocates who would recommend it.

What our Advocates say