Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Acts 435 - Every Donation Makes a Difference

The Archbishop of York’s online giving charity, Acts 435, has now awarded £1 million of grants for specific items to lift burdens or to provide help in a crisis for people living in poverty in the UK.

Acts 435 guarantees that 100% of donor funds go directly to the people in need. It is a fully self-sustaining charity with a very small central function funded entirely by Gift Aid.

“We are hugely thankful to all who have supported Acts 435”, said Executive Director Jenny Herrera. “The grants awarded are made up of lots of individual donations of £5, £10, £50. We do not get trust funds or corporate sponsorship. This is person-to-person giving where every donation matters. Whether £5 or £50, this is making a big difference in people’s lives. Help us to help others.”

Acts 435 helped a family in Suffolk who were homeless and placed in temporary accommodation with their baby twins. They had no facility for storing or heating baby food. Acts 435 stepped in with a £75 grant for a mini fridge and a £55 grant for a microwave.

Another difference was made for a man battling lung cancer in Cornwall who was given an Acts 435 grant of £100 for daily travel from his home in Redruth to Truro hospital for radiotherapy treatment. He had been misdiagnosed for years and as a result of his health declining, could no longer work and lost his home.

Acts 435 is connecting with new churches every week, enabling us to help many more people in need. To reach another one million pounds, we need new donors to join us in supporting the most vulnerable in our society.

One Million Pounds