Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Yesterday marked our second Advocate's Gathering held at Bishopthorpe Palace. What a wonderful opportunity to bring together advocates from churches of different denominations and from different parts of the country to learn together, share best practice and encourage one another onwards in our work of helping those in need. Our patron, the Archbishop of York, was able to greet the group and thank them for all they do to make Acts 435 a reality, as well as share lunch with us all.

Since our last gathering, a year ago, the activities of Acts 435 have DOUBLED - double the number of requests posted each month, double the number of participating churches, double the number of donors. It's exciting to think about the future if we can continue to grow like that.

We ended the day with prayers in the 13th century chapel at Bishopthorpe Palace and sang words that I feel sum up what the advocates are doing as they help applicants through Acts 435:

"Look around, can you see? Times are troubled, people grieve ... Walk amongst them, I'll go with you. Reach out to them with my hand, suffer with them and together we will serve them, help them stand."