Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

We have put together some packs suitable for Sunday school classes or primary school lessons to enable your group to explore the issues of UK poverty in a fun way. Originally inspired by Christmas Tree festivals, why not decorate an Acts 435 tree for your church, school or community group to help raise awareness of the needs of those in our society less fortunate this Christmas. Email Jenny at to request a pack.

Our packs are on 350gsm card. We do have the material available here to download and print but you would not be able to get this thickness of card through a printer. An alternative if you want to do a number of copies (to ensure plenty of baubles for children to cut out or perhaps take home) would be to print on paper and stick to disks of card (eg. cereal boxes). There are also some further resources for you to download as follows:

1. Some baubles that are blank to enable you to write on a live request that could be met or a request you have donated to.

2. A cube that people can make up as a bauble to hang on their own tree (good if forming part of a Christmas Tree festival, also suitable for children to take home from church/school/etc.). This will be best printed on card but if you use 160gsm card it should still go through a printer.

3. A simple cut-out design for making a snowflake

4. Some general baubles to decorate.

5. The PDFs of the baubles and star that we are sending in our packs on thick card.

6. The PDF of our crib scene to sit at the bottom of the tree.

7. A larger star if this suits your tree better.

8. PDFs of our 2 different designs of Christmas posters.

These resources can form a good base for your Acts 435 tree. We also have strips of our graphic entitled 'we're all neighbours now' which can make good paper-chains, perhaps to decorate around the base of the tree, through the branches, or wherever appropriate.

To keep in with the colouring of our brand we would recommend blue tinsel and blue lights as good additions but there are just suggestions. Gold chocolate coins would also work well.

We invite you to use your imagination in how you decorate your Acts 435 tree – perhaps children could hang some items needed by people on our website, eg. a shoe, perhaps furniture from a doll’s house, or such items could be knitted or otherwise created.

We have put together an all-age church service format and a school lesson plan linked in to hanging the baubles on a tree. Please email if you would like a copy of this.

We would love to receive photos of your Acts 435 Christmas tree – we are supplying a base pack with baubles, crib scene and star, but we hope you’ll let your imaginations run riot in what relevant items you might hang on your tree to represent those in need. Tweet your photos and ideas to @acts435, post on Facebook or email