Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

There are many parts of moving home that can be stressful; from moving your belongings to making sure that the new home will have everything you need. For those in receipt of council housing it is often the case that the home comes unfurnished, and all white goods, furniture and flooring/carpets are needed to turn their much-needed house into a home.

We work with local Advocates all over the UK to help those, just like J, who are moving into their first home, and have no means to furnish it. J's Advocate said:

Thank you for helping J with an electric cooker. He and his two boys were moved from furnished temporary accommodation into unfurnished accommodation and had no choice about this. Despite his generally very positive outlook, he was worried about the bare concrete floors and the lack of any appliances, beds or any other furniture. We are lucky that we collect furniture and appliance donations and were able to help him with furniture and a fridge/freezer but we rarely get donations of electric cookers and these are tricky to source second hand. So your donation has made such a difference to him, he loves to cook for his boys and having no cooker would have been very difficult for him. He has sourced from a previous employer some lino floor tiles and managed to completely change the look of his new flat, I was thrilled to go and see it looking like a home! When I went round last week, he had cooked his first meal of chicken, rice and peas and was thrilled to show me! Thank you so much!

We all want to have a house that looks 'like a home', and by giving directly towards someone's moving costs or household items can enable them to have a fresh start this Christmas.

We have many requests for flooring, carpets, white goods and furniture at the moment, as well as a few requests to help those who have very recently moved (

All of these essential household items will have a huge impact on families and individuals this Christmas, and will enable them to feel joy and light in the darkness.

Could you #givehope and donate towards one of these requests? Don't forget 100% of what you donate goes directly towards the need, and will make a huge difference to the individual or family: