Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

One of the ways we show love to others is particularly witnessed when a baby is born. I’m not sure I have seen the same spirit of rallying around someone in any other circumstances, perhaps because the whole experience is packaged in joy.

In churches, meals are sometimes prepared for the new parents so that they can focus on caring for the newborn. Having been a recipient of such little acts, I can testify to the fact that it goes such a long way. Good, healthy meals to get you through the first couple of weeks and set you up for the transition into parenthood is worth its weight in gold.

There are many little acts of love that we can do for people with babies and young children. Where there is illness in the family (parent or child), offering to take the child for an hour or two can be an absolute lifeline for a parent. A chance for a much needed nap, or bath, or just to go and do something for themselves.

I wonder how single parents without support around them cope, I really do, having received so much support from my family (who live locally) and church friends too. All credit to them as parenthood is such a difficult job. In crunch moments, when we need a bit of perspective, those little acts of looking after our children cannot be underestimated. They truly go a very long way indeed.

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