Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

The News Release reads as follows:

Acts 435, an online giving charity set up by the Archbishop of York, is encouraging all churches and registered charities to partner with them to give to anyone who has need.

In a climate of charities struggling to retain donations, the contributions made to Acts 435 continues to grow. In comparison to the previous year, in February 2016, Acts 435 reported an 80% increase on February 2015 and in March 2016 it recorded a 93% increase on that same month from the year before.

Jenny Herrera, Director of Acts 435 said: “It is quick and simple for a church to get involved with Acts 435. Once local leadership has approved the scheme, the appointed advocate who can be a church volunteer can be trained and operational in about an hour. 100% of all of the requests to Acts 435 have been met in full since December and many in a matter of days”.

Archbishop Sentamu said: “Small amounts go a long way in providing practical help such as a replacement cooker, clothing to attend a job interview, school uniform, a debt relief order payment, or to cope with an unexpected heating or repairing cost. 100% of what is donated goes to the person in need. Lots of people want to give but we need more churches to sign up so that we can meet these needs.”

How Acts 435 works