Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

At Acts 435 we see that a small gift can make a big difference - how often God takes the small thing we offer and weaves it into His bigger picture.

In 2009 I returned to York after 6 years serving God overseas, responding to His call but unable to find a job thanks to the 2008 financial crash. When I responded to a small advert in St Michael le Belfrey church’s bulletin for a part-time book-keeper for a new charity little did I know what doors would open to witness and experience God’s provision and blessing.

God knows every hair on our head and I have been humbled and full of gratitude at how He prepared me for the opportunity of leading the work of Acts 435 where my finance background, love for the church and heart for the poor could be combined.

Acts 435 is an online giving charity which takes that image in Acts Chapter 4 of the early church ensuring no-one was in need, and takes it wider, connecting people in the UK who want to help with individuals struggling financially. Acts 435 works because every month individuals choose to visit our website and give to the specific needs they read about there. We encourage that, whilst most charities would advocate the wisdom of donors setting up direct debits and standing orders.

This has meant a daily trust in God’s provision for the poor and He has never failed us. Over two million pounds given in 10 years, helping over 22,000 people, without a fundraising department. I count our donors as friends on the journey of helping those in need, a journey that now goes deeper with an increase in need due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are well placed for such a time as this to meet so many different needs, whether that be a mobile phone for an isolated person living alone, support for someone suddenly out of a job without savings and awaiting Universal Credit, or a tablet to enable a child to keep accessing school learning from home. This is alongside the ongoing general needs that people in our country are facing. We have been humbled to see our donors give even more generously at this time.

As we partner with many more churches and reach out to many more people in need, I am holding fast to the promise that God is faithful, the Lord will provide.

You can view the whole service on Youtube below.