Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

As I review the different requests posted onto the Acts 435 website, I find myself many times moved by the difficult circumstances in which people find themselves. I am grateful to God for His provision for my family when we returned to the UK from the mission field, without jobs and a baby on the way.

God challenged me recently about how I tend to view some of the requests when I read through this particular one from Leicester:

"This man had recently been away visiting his brother and on his return found that his flat had been burgled with clothes and bedding taken or destroyed, cooker, washing machine, television and chest of drawers smashed to pieces, and burglars had even taken light bulbs. Unfortunately he was not insured and only receives Employment and Support Allowance. Other organisations are helping with larger items but help is needed for bedding and household items to help get him back on his feet."

Having just paid my annual house and car insurance I have to confess to feeling that this would be a request that wouldn't be given to quickly because many donors may also think, like me, that the man in question should have had contents insurance. At a recent conference looking at poverty factors, we were reminded that people can be severely discriminated against because of their postcode, and unable to get insurance at all or at very high costs.

Suddenly I remembered - how could I have forgotten - the number of phone calls I received when I moved to London in 1999 offering me contents insurance until I told them my postcode - SE11 (Vauxhall) at which point I was politely told that they didn't insure in that area! In the end I had to trust that neither my contents (in my top-floor flat) nor my bike parked at the bottom would be burgled as I had no way to insure them, in spite of a salary. Isn't it amazing sometimes how short our memories can be and how quick we can be to judge.

"Do not judge or you too will be judged" said Jesus in Matthew 7:1. Wise words indeed.