Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Whilst at the doctor’s last week (in Norfolk on holiday but with a poorly 4 year old boy) I picked up a leaflet about prescription prepayments. Having seen a few requests on our website for NHS prescription prepayments I was curious to understand more about how they work.

For those needing a lot of medicine over a prolonged period of time (but not eligible for free prescriptions) you can purchase an annual NHS prescription prepayment for just over £100 and that will cover all your prescriptions over that year, however many you might need. This amounts to just under £9 a month so if you need more than one prescription a month (and I imagine many people suffering from ill-health do), then it can save you money, potentially hundreds of pounds.

This is a reminder of how a small amount can make a significant difference for those struggling with ill health, physical and mental, both often requiring ongoing medication.

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