Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Today our patron, the Archbishop of York, has written the reflection for Stewardship's 40acts Lent generosity challenge. He writes:

We can quickly feel overwhelmed when we look around at all the people struggling to make ends meet: the homeless, children in poverty and isolated individuals without support around them when they need it most. It would be easy to look away.
Mother Theresa invited us to think differently. She said:

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Like the lady who came into the Acts 435 project in Shildon, County Durham, extremely distressed, having been given notice at work with only a couple of days left to her 6 month probation. She didn’t qualify for any housing costs due to her circumstances and was in dispute about receiving her pay from the employer. The following week she would have no food in the cupboards and no way of paying for her daughter to travel to college. How would she cope? The project stepped in and helped towards her living costs. Her sense of relief was written all over her face.

In Truro, Avril, an Advocate at the All Saints Acts 435 project, recalls "an elderly gentleman who had no heating except a small electric fire. His cottage was damp and he was struggling financially, so didn't turn the fire on very often. Through Acts 435 we were able to give him money for his electric key meter. When I visited to give him the donation he was suffering from bronchitis. He was so cold and damp, it had made him ill. He cried with relief and gratitude for the donor and for himself."

What would happen if we stopped being overwhelmed by the big issues and concentrated on what’s in front of us? Look at what’s happening on our own doorstep and how might we respond to those needs? What if there was one person for whom we could make all the difference? After all, Isn’t that how Jesus treated the people he met?We hope and pray many respond to the invitation to give to Acts 435. This is a way to directly support someone in need with 100% of your donation going directly to the specific need of the individual you choose to support.

If you are part of a local church and want to use Acts 435 as a way of meeting the needs of people in your local community we would LOVE to hear from you. Complete our advocate enquiry form here:

We have seen churches start from nothing and then see how God guides them to bless people and as contacts are made, opportunities arise to bless people in need and make a difference. See how churches are making an impact here: