Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Let me share with you an amazing story of generosity and a very special time indeed for two young girls and their grandmother.

Please indulge me in the detail because it is that detail that makes this story all the more amazing.

On the 26th July the following request was posted by an advocate in York:

£100 needed for holiday for grandchildren 'Pru' is single and for the past 10 years has often looked after her two granddaughters. Her daughter has recurring alcohol and drug dependency problems and doesn't always have a responsible attitude towards the little girls. Pru hopes to achieve formal childcare arrangements, and the Citizens Advice Bureau is advising her on this. Meanwhile the girls are not coping well. Pru would like to take them on a camping holiday as a real carefree break for them and would appreciate help to meet the cost.

On 9th August a couple gave the full £100 to meet this request and make this holiday a reality. But that was not all. They then dropped me an email to offer a holiday cottage they owned in Scotland for the family to go to from the 15th August (they had had a cancellation).

I thank God I picked up this email on Monday and wasn't on holiday, nor was the advocate who I then forwarded the information to. That same day contact was made with Pru (not her real name) and the extremely generous offer accepted. I was delighted to later hear that they had indeed made the journey up to Scotland and had the most amazing time. As Pru's youngest granddaughter phrased it (5 years old and her first ever holiday):

"Nana, I had an awesomely fantastical time!"

Pru told me that the couple met them there and took the girls pony-trekking one morning. These girls had never even stroked a pony or horse before, never mind ride one! What a dream come true - certainly that 'carefree break' mentioned in the original request. I was so thrilled to have played a tiny part in making this happen.

The donors commented on how it was a genuine pleasure to spend time with the family and how they feel blessed and rewarded in an unexpected way through offering this opportunity. What I find most incredible about it all, though, was that this was the very first time this couple had given money to Acts 435 - they had simply stumbled upon us when looking at ways to put their cottage to good use. It's not every day we have requests for holidays on our site so the whole timing of it just takes my breath away.

I hope this has brought a smile to your face and warmth to your heart as we head into the bank holiday weekend - it certainly has for me ... ever since that email on the 9th!