Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Just wanted to highlight a couple of recent success stories that show the impact Acts 435 is having:

Redecorated Bathroom makes Huge Difference in Dorset

This is an amazing story of how Acts 435 has made a huge difference to a family's life. The couple were saving money to redecorate their house one room at a time when the husband had the shocking news that he has a brain tumour. The wife has been working extra hours to try to pay to finish the bathroom which had been stripped down to the plaster. The young couple have a 2 year old and a 4 month old baby so the stress was huge on them. Acts 435 has taken that all away and they now have redecorated the bathroom and can enjoy their last few months together without having to worry about the decorating. Thank you so much.

Nottingham and Inverness join forces!

Whilst awaiting the response to his application one gentleman in Nottingham relocated to Inverness but was still in need of a cooker for his new home. HOPE Nottingham was able to liaise with New Start in Inverness to maintain contact with the applicant and arrange for him to have £100 of Argos vouchers to buy his cooker locally. He was able to add some money to the ACTS donation and buy a brand new cooker which has now been delivered to him.