Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Acts 435 Advocates, based in local churches and charities, are able to write personal 'thank you' messages which will go specifically to the donors who gave to those requests. The wonder of technology means this can be done with confidentiality honoured. It's worth repeating this particular thank you which went to a generous donor today - it warms my heart to see the difference a small amount of money can make.

The thank you message is written by an advocate in Scarborough after the applicant received £75 for an all-important train ticket to go and say goodbye to her dying mother:

"S was so overwhelmed when she came in and I told her that the money had been given. She couldn't believe that someone had taken note of her story and need in amongst all the requests on the website. She was in tears and asked me to thank the people who had given, she wanted to be able to do it in person as she was so grateful. She wasn't sure if she would be able to get to see her Mum again and she left with a smile because she was able to go straight to the station and buy the ticket. This is a lady I've been working with for a year and this meant more to her than you could know so thank you so so much."

The fact that advocates can write a personal thank you to the donors who gave to a particular applicant is a lovely touch and gives that DIRECT FEEDBACK that as donors we often lack and which Stephen Pidgeon recently wrote about in 'Third Sector'

With Acts 435 you are assured that 100% of your money is going exactly where you intend it to go, and that it is making a significant difference.