Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Following the launch of the 'Good Childhood Report 2012' yesterday by the Archbishop of York, which states that at any one time half a million children in the UK are unhappy with their lives, we see how Acts 435 can bring a bit of happiness to individual children.

Happiness is a carpet to one 3 year old - a current live request ( or football boots for one girl (, clothes for an 8 year old boy living in fuel poverty (

The report states that children who have low levels of happiness are much less likely to enjoy being at home with their family, feel safe when with their friends, like the way they look and feel positive about their future. Children unhappy in this way are also more likely to be victimised, have eating disorders or be depressed.

Acts 435 may be unable to do much to address the importance of stability for children but it can certainly help in small yet significant ways. Take this story from 2011:

To school with pride!!

With the help of Acts 435 a young lady can now walk with her friends around school without unkind jibes from her classmates. Her uniform now fits and is the correct colour for her age - she seems to have more spring in her step and is a lot more confident in herself. Gone are the days of getting into trouble for not having PE kit as she wears her new, fitting, kit with pride. Thank you Acts 435 - you have made such a big difference!!

And on a more creative note, this story:

A grandmother able to give her granddaughter a better chance in life.

A grandmother who received £80 from Acts 435 donors to support her granddaughter's promising music talent by purchasing an appropriate three quarter sized violin writes:"I would like to thank you for the very generous donation towards my granddaughter's new violin. It was wonderful news when I was told it had been given so quickly. I can't tell you what a huge difference the money has made and I am so very grateful. I am sure my granddaughter will have a much easier time playing now. She is certainly very happy. Angie"

Let's stand up and be counted as a charity that is working now to make lives better for the children of this country.