Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

Around this time each year, as a charity, we focus on requests that will give an individual or family a fresh start in life, and provide them with a new beginning. It may be that they've escaped domestic violence, they are weighed down by debt, or perhaps they are an asylum seeker who is trying to start afresh in this country. There are many situations in which someone needs a helping hand to make a fresh start, and we invite you to have a look at our appeal to see if you might be able to help:

Here's just one recent story where a small gift made a big difference, and this gentleman was helped with a fresh start in life.

This is the original Acts 435 request: "This man has fled abuse and is facing a bill for housing shortfall. He is waiting for his benefits review and has very little money. He wants to have a fresh start although he is still feeling very low. Another charity will help pay towards his bill of £348 and with Acts 435 donations, the payment will be fulfilled. This would give him hope for his future."

Since the housing bill has been paid, this is what the gentleman said:

"You are wonderful, thank you. I can now pay off my housing shortfall and am out of debt! The feeling is overwhelming as I have been through a very hard time. You have given me the will for a fresh start. I expect that soon I can be rehoused and start a new life. You have given me hope again and that is something that I lost months ago. I had lost my faith in people but because of you I have had to rethink that. Thank you for your help."

If you can give a fresh start to someone in need, just like this gentleman, take a look at our appeal here:

Fresh Start