Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

I have had the privilege in the past few months of speaking to a number of Foodbanks, at regional conferences and at smaller cluster groups. Acts 435 is a perfect fit with the Foodbank as I explain in the video below.

Following my session at regional conferences held in Hatfield and in Euston, London was an excellent session led by Trussell Trust's 'More than Food' programme manager Bev Anderson. She started by asking the group why Foodbanks are managed in the way they are.

A simple question, but an important one. As she pointed out, if it was just about feeding hungry people, then why not just give them a home delivery from a supermarket or post them vouchers to spend? This challenges the comments from some Foodbanks that they are there just to give out food. Even in the process of giving out food, they are also making human contact with individuals in need, making them feel welcome and cared for. This is already more than food. Bev went further, saying "You are turning people's lives around".

For many Foodbanks, a person's need for food is just the starting point of a relationship which seeks to help them in other areas. Job clubs, debt advice, benefits advice, cooking skills, the list is endless. I love the fact that Acts 435 slots into that list so easily ... and most definitely covers needs not yet met by these other ministries. When it is money that is required, to ease a burden, lift someone out of crisis, give them a hand-up in their lives.

We are so proud to be partnering with Trussell Trust to help turn people's lives around.

If you are involved in a Foodbank, or indeed any other ministry reaching out to your local community, and haven't yet considered Acts 435, let me encourage you to do that today. For more information, fill in the enquiry form here: