Acts 435 Giving to anyone who has need

With renewed discussion of the Living Wage over the past 2 weeks we are again confronted with the reality of UK poverty, even for those who are in paid employment. Our patron, the Archbishop of York, launched the UK Living Wage earlier this month speaking out on the scandal that 1 in 5 people in the UK in work are not paid a living wage.

Acts 435 is helping fill the gap that arises when people are struggling on wages lower than what you can reasonably live on - when the washing machine breaks, or health needs require an increase in transport costs, or shoes need urgent replacement.

And what of those without a job. I received an email this week from a lady who had recently lost her job and then found her son was diagnosed with a rare illness meaning she can no longer claim Job Seekers Allowance because she is not "actively seeking work" so she can look after him. Our financial stability can teeter on a knife edge - the number of redundancies we hear about turn into individual cases of desperation and potential poverty.

I was so glad that the lady who contacted me lived in an area where we had an Acts 435 participating church which I could refer her to, knowing that they will do their best to provide her advice and if appropriate post an Acts 435 request. How hard it is though to explain to others in great need that we do not have a church in the area involved with Acts 435 and are therefore unable to help at this time.

We continue to hope for an Acts 435 representative in every town and city across the UK as the need for fast, financial help increases.